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Women's Natural Flower Cream Long Trousers Two Piece

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It will be available on the 4th week of May and pre-orders are available. Cream ivory / cream 2 colour. Scallop shape hem design. Lace detail on top and bottom. Top wast line shirring design. Adjustable shoulder strap. Rubber banding detail. Wide fit trousers. Trousers waist banding detail. Measurements. ONE SIZE. Top). Length: 18.8 in. Chest: 35.4 in. Shoulder strap: 62.2 in. Bottom). Length: 34.8 in. Waist: 23.6 in. Hip: 44 in. Thigh: 24.8 in. Rise: 12.5 / 14.3 in. Composition & Care. 100% cotton. Use neutral detergent. Laundry alone. Dry cleaning recommend. Please check the "care label". Write Your Own Review. Only registered users can write reviews. Please, log in or register. Review-point {. Border: 1px solid #ebebeb;. Webkit-border-radius: 5px;. Moz-border-radius: 5px;. Border-radius: 5px;. Padding: 20px 0;. Margin: 10px 0;. Font-weight: 300;. Review-point strong {. Display: block;. Font-weight: 400;. Review-point strong span {. Point-badge {. Text-align: center;. Point-badge > div {. Display: inline-block;. Vertical-align: top;. Position: relative;. Webkit-border-radius: 50%;. Moz-border-radius: 50%;. Border-radius: 50%;. Width: 77px;. Height: 77px;. Padding-top: 14px;. Margin: 20px 9px 0;. Point-badge. Point-badge--text {. Point-badge. Point-badge--photo {. Point-badge. Border {. Position: absolute;. Top: 0;. Bottom: 0;. Left: 0;. Right: 0;. Z-index: 10;. Margin: auto;. Webkit-border-radius: 50%;. Moz-border-radius: 50%;. Border-radius: 50%;. Width: 69px;. Height: 69px;. Display: block;. Border: 1px solid #fff;. Opacity: 0.3;. Point-badge. Text {. Display: block;. Point-badge. Text-02 {. Font-weight: 700;. Line-height: 1.2;. Media (min-width: 992px) {. Review-point {. Display: table;. Table-layout: fixed;. Width: 70%;. Review-point > div {. Display: table-cell;. Vertical-align: middle;. Point-badge {. Text-align: left;. Width: 40%;. Point-badge > div {. Margin-top: 0;. Media (min-width: 1200px) {. Review-point {. Width: 50%;. Padding: 25px 0;. Receive your item well? TEXT. 500. Point. PHOTO. 1000. Point. Colour: natural

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