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On saleMastermind Japan Jumper - Black
Mastermind Japan
Jumper - Black
£929.22£659(25% off)
On saleMastermind Japan T-shirt - White
Mastermind Japan
T-shirt - White
£459.13£329(25% off)
On saleMastermind Japan Logo Hoodie - Black
Mastermind Japan
Logo Hoodie - Black
£1,040£728(30% off)
On saleMastermind Japan Shirt - Red
Mastermind Japan
Shirt - Red
£966.96£685(25% off)
On saleMastermind Japan Top - Black
Mastermind Japan
Top - Black
£490£95(80% off)
On saleMastermind Japan Trouser - Black
Mastermind Japan
Trouser - Black
£1,425£954(30% off)
On saleMastermind Japan T-shirt - Black
Mastermind Japan
T-shirt - Black
£417.95£301(25% off)

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Japanese creative and entrepreneur Masaaki Homma is the man behind the cult label Mastermind Japan. What originally began as a men’s streetwear label has become an internationally-recognised cult fashion label for men and women, embodying a Japanese street aesthetic and the refined, sophisticated elements of the urban-dwelling contemporary fashion lover. Colours veer towards the darker end of the spectrum for collections inspired by preppy American dressing but with an underground twist. Expect frayed hems and smart ready-to-wear with distressed elements.

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