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100% copper cuff bracelet with rounded, hammered ends. Adjusts to fit each individual wearer’s wrist. Arrives polished to a shine, and will earn a distinctive patina over time. Designed in Berlin and hand-forged in Munich. Handcrafted by a blacksmith working out of his Munich workshop, this copper cuff is adjustable to your exact size and will take on a patina over time that will make the bracelet completely and uniquely yours. The ends feature a subtle hammered texture—a hint at the hands that worked on the piece—and are rounded so you can put the cuff on and off comfortably. The bracelet is made of pure, 100% copper—a material that does not rust—and therefore it can be passed down to the next generation. In addition to its purity of material and modern, clean design, the cuff lays claim to a long lineage. Copper bracelets have been worn since ancient Egypt for medicinal use. Many contemporary wearers report alleviation of ailments such as headaches and joint pain. Although there is not yet scientific proof to substantiate these claims, scientists hypothesize that the absorption of iron, zinc and other minerals in pure copper jewellery may be beneficial to the wearer’s health. Use & Care: Keep your arm relaxed and find the soft area on the inside of your wrist just below the wrist bone. Slip the opening of the bracelet onto this area, as if you are pinching it with pincers, then twist the cuff into place on your wrist. If needed, bend the bracelet to fit your wrist more closely. The copper bracelet is made out of 100% copper and the surface of the copper is not treated. Over time, the copper cuff will change in colour and surface texture. This is not damage, but simply the copper molecules settling in and getting comfortable. This naturally occurring patina will develop over time to create a one-of-a-kind finish. If you prefer to restore the original copper sheen, you can polish up the bracelet with a silver paste. If the copper bracelet is worn daily, the patina will develop more slowly and subtly. Size: 2 ½ inches at widest point (6.35 cm). Inch opening. 0.2 inch (6 mm) band thickness. 7.2 inches in circumference (18.5 cm). Materials: 100% copper. Made in: Germany. Color: metallic