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The collection which most embodies the pure character of PLATADEPALO. This is where it all began, an evolution of new forms and materials with silver still as the star of course. This leather bracelet is fitted with a variety of stones and metals such as Chalcedony stones, Silver, Bronze, Resin and Zircon crystals. To clean, place the piece in a bowl with warm water and a few drops of soap that is used especially for delicate fabrics and rub gently with a toothbrush. You can also ask your jeweller for a special cloth for cleaning gold and silver. Never use chemicals. Although the wood we use is always of the finest quality, it should not be kept in sustained contact with water. We suggest that you nourish wood from time to time using some kind of oil; anything from olive oil to body oil. As with wood, you should avoid getting leather wet and should nourish it with moisturiser. NYLON. No special care required. You can wet it without problems. Only continued use and light may cause some colours to become more subdued. Colour: black