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Turn to Ainea's collection of jackets for your everyday staples. Available in a wide range of colors and styles, these jackets are designed to last. Available in a variety of colours and designs, Ainea's jackets will work as well with your weekday workwear as they will with more casual looks. They’ll look great dressed up or down, ensuring there is something to suit every occasion in the label’s reliable collection. Leather jackets need to be cared for properly to ensure they stay looking their best. In order to keep leather in its original condition for longer, we suggest removing any large pieces of dirt and dust by dry cleaning with a soft brush. To add a water-repellent layer and help keep scuffs, scratches and stains at bay, treat your leather item with a professional leather conditioner before the first wear. Apply specialist leather waxes and creams to bring back the shine when needed. Avoid getting the leather wet, and away from prolonged exposure to sunlight and direct heat. You’ll find the latest jackets from Ainea here. Shop today.

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