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Beach Crop Top - White
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Super Crop Top - White
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Textured Drape Top - White
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Asos' collection of tops revolves around top-quality fabrics and meticulous tailoring that'll last for years to come. Whether you prefer blouses and shirts, or T-shirts, long-sleeve and short-sleeve separates, there’s a piece that perfectly captures the brand’s contemporary spirit.

Meticulous attention to detail has gone into every one of Asos' tops; expect flattering fits and subtle, contemporary touches. Wear yours casually with jeans and trainers, layered underneath tailoring or tucked in with a skirt.

Before attempting to clean cotton, we would advise always checking the label to ensure no specific care instructions are required. Cotton can sometimes be prone to shrinking when it is washed and dried, and to prevent this happening it is recommended to use water that is 30°C or below, either by hand or in the washing machine. Colored cotton garments should be turned inside out before washing. Gently stretch cotton to restore the original shape and air dry naturally.

A natural alternative to synthetic materials, linen will keep you cool during spells of hot weather. It typically doesn’t need to be dry cleaned, and the material can be usually be hand washed or machine washed. You may find your linen garments become softer over time. Use lukewarm or cold water, alongside a mild soap or non-biological detergent, in order to prevent colour fade. Avoid using bleach and fabric softener on linen, and never wring the fabric after hand washing. Linen is fast drying, and it is best to lay flat and allow to air dry. Store your linen garments in a cool, dry place, and avoid wrapping them in plastic.

Few fabrics feel as luxurious as silk, and in order to keep it in its original condition for longer, we recommend carefully following the care instructions found on each individual item’s label. Some silk is ‘Dry Clean Only’, while other items may have ‘Dry Clean’ as the recommended cleaning method, but other methods may be used. It is advised to clean silk using a lower temperature to other fabrics, as hot water can affect the material’s natural properties and damage to the fibres. We also recommend selecting a specially-formulated silk detergent, which will be gentler on its natural proteins. Avoid spot cleaning silk, as rubbing in only one area can cause the material to lighten in just that spot. Avoid putting in the tumble dryer and instead lay flat to dry naturally. If the care label advises machine washing, then ensure a gentle, cold-water cycle is chosen. If the care label on your silk item says that it can be ironed, then use a low iron setting and ideally iron while it is still slightly damp.

Asos has a huge selection of tops to choose from. From shirts to T-shirts and long-sleeve tops, shop our edit today.