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Burberry Knit Polo Xs Wool,silk - Blue
Knit Polo Xs Wool,silk - Blue
£669.61£587(10% off)
Burberry Short-sleeve Crewneck Top - Grey
Short-sleeve Crewneck Top - Grey
£675.92£385(40% off)
Burberry Jumper - Red
Jumper - Red
£259£233(10% off)
Burberry Jumper - Pink
Jumper - Pink
£241£187(20% off)
Burberry Printed Silk Top - White
Printed Silk Top - White
£620£496(20% off)
Burberry Printed Cotton Top Nd Donna - Natural
Printed Cotton Top Nd Donna - Natural
£694.20Sold out
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Combining fashion with function, it’s no wonder Burberry's women's tops are so covetable. Burberry takes particular care in sourcing the finest materials for its range of tops, so expect pieces made from wool. Specialising in elevated essentials that are made to last, the label’s range has something to suit every shopper. Staying true to form, Burberry creates a collection of tops that combines minimalist design with a superior construction. Maintaining the same standards of expert craftsmanship you’ve come to expect from the brand. High-quality pieces that are made from wool require a little care and maintenance to keep them looking their best. When it comes to day-to-day care of your wool item, we would always recommend checking each item’s care label for specific washing instructions before attempting to launder. One of the worst things you can do to wool garments is to wash them in hot water or tumble dry, as high temperatures can cause the fabric to shrink quickly. Most wool clothing can also be dry cleaned safely. Most wool is washable, with the main exception of structured pieces like suits, jackets and blazers, which are best spot cleaned. When you hand wash, make sure you use a gentle, low-alkaline detergent and cool water. Press out the excess water, but do not wring the wool item to prevent the fabric from stretching. To reduce the risk of shrinkage, soak your wool item in cold water before machine washing. Never tumble dry wool, instead dry flat away from direct heat or sunlight. Hang structured wool, such as jackets and suits, to dry on hangers. Discover the new-season tops from Burberry. Shop now for all the latest pieces.