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La Femme Gigi - White
La Femme
Gigi - White
£439.10£293(30% off)
La Femme Gigi - Multicolour
La Femme
Gigi - Multicolour
£169.40£77(55% off)
La Femme Gigi - Green
La Femme
Gigi - Green
£120.37£67(40% off)
La Femme Gigi - Blue
La Femme
Gigi - Blue
£242.95£169(30% off)
La Femme Gigi - Natural
La Femme
Gigi - Natural
£586.19£170(70% off)
La Femme Gigi - Pink
La Femme
Gigi - Pink
£242.95£169(30% off)

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Dedicated to exquisite designs and unerring quality, La Femme Fashion specialises in beautiful attire for evening events, proms, weddings, graduations and cocktail evenings. Steeped in a luxuriously feminine and perfectly flattering charm, each colourful collection offers up ruched bodices, sequins and vibrant patterns. La Femme clothing ranges present must-have statements for every occasion. Imbued with contemporary elegance, each exquisite gown is rendered truly unique by intricate embellishments and textural combinations.