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Bloomingdale's The Store At Bloomingdale's Classic Fit Wool Dress Trousers - Black
The Store At Bloomingdale's Classic Fit Wool Dress Trousers - Black
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Give your pants collection an instant upgrade with on-trend additions from Bloomingdale's. Crafted using materials such as wool and demonstrating a pared-back aesthetic, the brand’s line of pants is perfect for coordinating with a whole host of outfits. The label merges functional, comfortable qualities with its signature design aesthetic to create pieces that will work for a range of occasions. Bloomingdale's continues to impress with its wide selection of coveted pieces that always feel modern. Your wool pants will become more beautiful with time as long you take special care when maintaining them. Wool pants are durable, but do require special attention when cleaning. We would advise checking the instructions on the care label before attempting to launder. As the material is prone to shrinking in hot water, always wash in cold or low temperatures. If your wool item is structured, such as a blazer, suit, or coat, then we recommend to spot clean. Hand washing at a cool temperature is the safest way to clean your wool, or place in a laundry mesh bag on a cold, low-spin cycle if you prefer the machine. To prevent shrinkage, it is advised to soak your garment in cold water before placing it in the machine. Avoid the tumble dryer, as air drying flat is the best and safest method. To remove wrinkles, steam or iron on a low-heat setting with a pressing cloth between the wool and the fabric. Shop the latest selection of pants for men from Bloomingdale's today.

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