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Brunello Cucinelli
Pinstriped Hoodie - Grey
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When it comes to sweats from Brunello Cucinelli, Lyst has you covered. Available in a wide range of colors and styles, these sweats are designed to last. High-quality materials, functionality and considered details are cornerstones of Brunello Cucinelli's collection. There's a reason Brunello Cucinelli's men's sweats are so covetable! High-quality pieces that are made from cashmere require a little care and maintenance to keep them looking their best. Cashmere is one of the most popular fabrics, we would always recommend hand washing or professionally dry cleaning, using only a delicate detergent and turning inside out first. Once you’ve invested in cashmere, you’ll want to ensure it lasts a lifetime. It is worth noting that dry cleaning your cashmere too often can damage and break down the fibers over time. Place between clean, dry towels and press gently to remove excess water without wringing, twisting or stretching the fabric. Smooth it back into shape, and leave it to dry naturally away from any heat or direct sunlight. Do not tumble dry, and use a cool iron to remove any wrinkles. Store your cashmere in a breathable, zip-up plastic bag, away from damp and sunlight. Small balls of fibre, or ‘pills’ may form after wearing, and these can be easily removed with a cashmere comb. Discover Brunello Cucinelli's collection of sweats at Lyst. Shop now for new season and sale.