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Early 80s, Italian super-brand Moschino was born of visionary, talented designer Franco Moschino. Moschino sought to bring playfulness and irreverence to the catwalk, thus challenging conventional ways of dressing. Today Moschino is still as cheeky and as internationally admired as it was way back when. Today, Father of Fun, Jeremy Scott holds the creative reins and each season he and Bill Shapiro delight designer denizens around the globe with typically bold and colourful wares, which instantly become must-have, covetable pieces of the season. If you are looking to add a unique and less-than-serious edge to your smart-casual repertoire, then men's Moschino lace-ups are the one for you. Sleek and sartorial, yet fresh and carefree, these polished pieces are a shortcut to contemporary style.

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