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Combining fashion with function, it’s no wonder Nasty Gal's women's jeans are so covetable. The variety of styles on offer from Nasty Gal means there is something for everyone. High-quality materials, functionality and considered details are cornerstones of Nasty Gal's collection. Nasty Gal's jeans always provide a truly elevated take on classic staples. High-quality pieces that are made from denim require a little care and maintenance to keep them looking their best. To help keep your denim jeans in excellent condition for years to come, we suggest checking the care label inside your garment before attempting to clean. When you invest in good-quality denim pieces, you’ll want to make sure they stay looking their best. We recommend only washing it when it really needs it, which is usually every three to five wears. To keep the dye intact, wash inside out and on a gentle, cold-water cycle. Always allow to air dry, and avoid tumble drying as the heat can cause shrinkage as well as breaking down elastane. Nasty Gal has a huge selection of jeans to choose from. Shop the range today.

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