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Turn to NV3®'s collection of pants for your everyday staples. The brand’s commitment to expert craftsmanship endures, with each piece using materials such as cotton. Pants from NV3® are the finishing touches your wardrobe has been missing. Available in a range of styles and silhouettes, NV3®'s pants are well worth the investment. Once you’ve invested in a cotton item, regular maintenance is a must. To keep your cotton pants looking as pristine as possible, we would advise always checking the item’s care label before washing. Breathable, durable and comfortable, it’s easy to see why cotton is such a popular fabric. It’s simple to care for too, and most pieces can be washed in the machine at 30°C unless specified otherwise on the care label. Choosing a cycle with a moderate temperature instead of hot will help prevent damage and shrinkage to cotton and cotton-blend garments. Avoid tumble drying, instead, air dry away from direct heat such as sunlight or a radiator. Transform your closet with the latest designer pants from NV3®. Shop new arrivals here.

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