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Jil Sander
Loose-fit Shirt - Black
£706 £434 (35% off)
Lace Maxi Blouse - Black
£1,125 £761 (30% off)
Loose Vest - Black
£23 £10 (55% off)
Get The Label
Michael Kors
Loose Fit Shirt - Purple
£261 £209 (20% off)
The Clutcher
Saint Laurent
Loose Fit Shirt - Yellow
£1,626 £788 (50% off)

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Everyone knows the ideal casual day is spent wearing a loose-fitting top. They're a classic style that will always look great. As well as being super simple to throw on, these comfy pieces come in everything from classic colours to vibrant prints. That means when your want to downplay your look one day and stand out the next, you can. Plan your next beach holiday with Brave Souls crop tops in mind, and take casual Fridays at work to the next level with Equipment's loose-fitting button-ups.