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Update your closet today with UMA | Raquel Davidowicz. Shop all the latest designer jackets in our selection. Crafted using materials such as leather and demonstrating a pared-back aesthetic, the brand’s line of jackets is perfect for coordinating with a whole host of outfits. Jackets from UMA | Raquel Davidowicz are the finishing touches your wardrobe has been missing. The label’s designs come in a range of colours and textures, too. Leather jackets need to be cared for properly to ensure they stay looking their best. To keep leather looking its best we would advise removing any large pieces of dirt and dust by dry cleaning with a soft brush. Apply a good quality polish often to keep the leather nourished and supple, alongside a waterproof spray to help minimise water, oil and dirt stains. Avoid getting the leather wet, and away from prolonged exposure to sunlight and direct heat. UMA | Raquel Davidowicz has a huge range of jackets to choose from. Shop now for the latest arrivals.