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The VEJA Sneakers Buying Guide

Committed to being both socially and environmentally conscious, VEJA aims to create sneakers that will stand the test of time. The French-based brand manufactures shoes with a difference by working closely with factories to ensure the best work practices and only using fairly traded organic materials. Ahead, take a look at our VEJA sneakers buying guide, which will help you decide on the best styles and size to invest in.

The Most Wanted VEJA Sneakers

  • VEJA’s V-10 Sneakers

    Staying true to VEJA’s environmentally friendly ethos, these V-10 sneakers feature rubber trims and gripped soles sustainably sourced from trees in the Amazonian rainforest. With padded heels for comfort, the V-10 model comes complete with the label's emblem at the sides and name stamped at the heel tabs. Choose from faux-leather uppers that are made from corn waste, or leather that comes from southern Brazil that doesn't come from the Amazon or from an area that was deforested for cattle farming purposes.

  • VEJA’s Condor Sneakers

    Made from upcycled and natural materials like organic cotton, wild rubber and plastic bottles, VEJA’s first post-petroleum running shoe demonstrates the brand’s dedication to innovative design. Lined in jersey, these lace-up Condor sneakers sit on a flexible sole for support and stability as you work out.

  • VEJA’s Esplar Sneakers

    The brand’s ESPLAR sneakers are named after the Brazilian NGO that supports local organic cotton farming families and that VEJA has worked with since 2005. Crafted from leather, these simple lace-up sneakers feature an instantly recognizable ‘V’ logo and soles that are made from sustainably sourced wild rubber from the Amazon rainforest. 

The VEJA Sneakers Sizing Guide

VEJA sneakers use European sizing, and you can use the below chart to find your corresponding size in US or UK. You can also match VEJA’s sizing to the length and width measurements of your feet in centimeters.

For example, if you usually take a US 7 or UK 5, you should buy your VEJA sneakers in a size 38. 

Women's Sizes
LONGUEUR/LENGTH (CM)23.52424.525.32626.7
LARGEUR/WIDTH (CM)888.28.38.89

How To Care For Your VEJA sneakers

VEJA sneakers should not be cleaned in the washing machine, as this can alter the finish of certain materials. How you clean your sneakers will depend on the material of the uppers:

- Canvas: Brush canvas styles with cold water and soap.

- Leather: Leather uppers can be cleaned with a specialist leather spray or cream, and suede panels should be dry brushed.

- CWL models: Maintain a pristine appearance with a damp cloth and soap.

- Running models: Use warm soapy water and a brush to clean the mesh uppers.

- Before you wear your sneakers for the first time, the brand recommends using a specialist waterproof suede or leather protector spray to maintain their original appearance. After each use, clean soles should be removed to vent them and then stored in a box, in a dry place and away from any heat sources.


Which VEJA sneakers are vegan?

Many of VEJA’s most recognizable sneakers are available in vegan-friendly versions, including the Esplar, Nova, V-10 and Venturi. These are made using only cruelty-free materials, such as vegan suede, resin from the corn waste industry and organic cotton. 

Are VEJA sneakers true to size?

The brand’s sneakers tend to run true to size. However, if you are in between sizes, we would recommend opting for the smaller size.

Are VEJA sneakers fair trade?

VEJA adheres to fair trade principles, and works directly with Brazilian cotton and rubber producers on 1-year contracts at a market-decorrelated price.

The brand began a partnership in 2004 with ADEC (Associação de Desenvolvimento Educacional e Cultural de Tauá), which organizes local farmers into associations who share their cotton harvests and transformation costs.

VEJA pays 0.2€ premium per kilo of harvested cotton, which allows associations to finance their operations.