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Alexander McQueen Wool And Taffeta Blazer - Black
Alexander McQueen
Wool And Taffeta Blazer - Black
£1,790£1,074(40% off)
Alexander McQueen Jackets Black
Alexander McQueen
Jackets Black - Black
£2,251£325(85% off)
Alexander McQueen Black Leather Blazer
Alexander McQueen
Black Leather Blazer - Black
£4,027.13£1,783(55% off)
Alexander McQueen Peplum Biker Jacket - Black
Alexander McQueen
Peplum Biker Jacket - Black
£4,531.79£3,263(25% off)
Alexander McQueen Jacket - Blue
Alexander McQueen
Jacket - Blue
£3,320.62£1,644(50% off)
Alexander McQueen Nylon Bomber Jacket - Black
Alexander McQueen
Nylon Bomber Jacket - Black
£2,008.52£877(55% off)
Alexander McQueen Tailored Blazer - Pink
Alexander McQueen
Tailored Blazer - Pink
£2,210.38£1,085(50% off)
Alexander McQueen Jacket - Black
Alexander McQueen
Jacket - Black
£2,250£895(60% off)
Alexander McQueen Jackets - Grey
Alexander McQueen
Jackets - Grey
£2,210.38£1,691(20% off)
Alexander McQueen Blazer - Black
Alexander McQueen
Blazer - Black
£4,239.08£3,053(25% off)
Alexander McQueen Wool Jacket - Pink
Alexander McQueen
Wool Jacket - Pink
Il Duomo Novara
Alexander McQueen Lace Insert Jacket - White
Alexander McQueen
Lace Insert Jacket - White
£2,715.04£1,466(45% off)
Alexander McQueen Jackets Pink
Alexander McQueen
Jackets Pink - Pink
£1,609£965(40% off)
Alexander McQueen Jackets Black
Alexander McQueen
Jackets Black - Black
£4,168£601(85% off)
Alexander McQueen Hooded Jacket - Blue
Alexander McQueen
Hooded Jacket - Blue
£1,499£899(40% off)

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Turn to Alexander McQueen's collection of jackets for your everyday staples. Available in a wide range of colors and styles, these jackets are designed to last. Alexander McQueen's jackets are a worthy investment, which will work for both casual and formal occasions. They’ll look great dressed up or down, ensuring there is something to suit every occasion in the label’s reliable collection. Choose from a wide range of jackets in Alexander McQueen's selection. There’s something here for everybody.

The Alexander McQueen Jacket Buying Guide

Famed British atelier, Alexander McQueen, has been designing showstopping pieces since its beginning in the early 90s. The brand continues to move forward, while keeping the heritage true to its core with a unique design vision. Attention to craftsmanship and inventive imagination make Alexander McQueen’s ready-to-wear garments one of the most critically acclaimed each season. The wide assortment of leather jackets, blazers, and finely tailored outerwear are an investment worth making. Ahead, we’ll walk you through our buying guide to help narrow down the best jacket style for you, find your size, and give tips on how to take care of your jacket to make it last.

Launched in 1992, Alexander McQueen has spent the years since it was founded shocking the public with dramatic catwalk shows, designing wedding dresses for royalty and creating highly covetable ready-to-wear lines for men and women. Darkly glamorous, the luxury brand is famous for its iconic skull prints. In sumptuous velvet and glossy leather, Alexander McQueen jackets are richly tailored with cinched waists and perfect proportions. Whether you want a blazer for work or a light cover up, these jackets are seriously stylish.

The Most Wanted Alexander McQueen Jackets

  • Alexander McQueen Peplum Biker Jackets

    Masculine meets femininity: meet the Alexander McQueen Peplum biker jacket. Soft lambskin leather is given an alternative edge with silver metal hardware. The utility-zipped pockets and buttoned closures make it a convenient piece to keep your essentials safe when you’re going from one event to the next. Designed in true biker jacket style with an unexpected peplum silhouette, this versatile piece will be your new go-to when it gets cold outside.

  • Alexander McQueen Single-Breasted Blazers

    Made in Italy and designed by technical tailoring experts, Alexander McQueen single breast blazers have become one of the most popular jackets for a polished, professional look. Peaked lapels meet in the middle of the blazer at the single front button closure. You’ll find a single pocket in the chest area, along with 2 side pockets to hold your daily essentials. Layer this piece to complete a look suitable for that corner office status.

  • Alexander McQueen Trompe L’Oeil Tuxedo Jacket

    Tailored to perfection, the Trompe L’Oeil Tuxedo Jacket brings a new level of sophistication to dress-up an ensemble. The black leaf jacket is built with distinct, strong masculine shoulders, and buttoned-up waistcoat style with a pull-back tie. Not just for looks, the built in side pockets keep your go-to essentials safe. Whether you’re getting ready for a black-tie event or a big meeting, this jacket is the ultimate must-have to bring your outfit to the next level.

The Alexander McQueen Jacket Sizing Guide

Alexander McQueen jackets run true to Italian (same as European) sizing, and you can use the below chart to compare other standard sizing to the brand’s to find the perfect fit for you.

For example, if you usually wear a US 2-4, you should take your Alexander McQueen jacket in a size 38.


How to Care for Your Alexander McQueen Jacket

To maintain the newness and pristine quality of your Alexander McQueen jacket, we suggest taking extra special care of your garment to make it last. Ahead we have some tips to guide you on the best measures to care for your jacket.

To clean your jacket, we recommend bringing it to a professional dry cleaner. Always check the care label within your garment before taking any cleaning measures. For small spills, or if you get caught in inclement weather like rain or snow, take a soft cloth and wipe the area dry as quickly as you are able to in order to prevent water damage.

To prevent damage, we recommend keeping your jacket away from oily and alcohol-based substances, like make-up, cosmetics, and cleaning disinfectants. Avoid extreme heat temperatures.

When your jacket is not being put to use, we recommend storing it in a cotton garment bag, never plastic. Keep it in a dry, room temperature setting. 


Where is Alexander McQueen ready-to-wear manufactured?

Alexander McQueen apparel is made in the UK, France, and Italy to ensure quality production. The ateliers consist of expert garment technicians that create the line to the highest standards.

Is Alexander McQueen worth the investment?

If you are looking for a piece that is timeless and made to last, Alexander McQueen products are worth the investment. Created with a unique design perspective and skillful atelier attention to detail, any piece made by this brand is going to withstand the test of time for both quality and style standards.

Does Alexander McQueen offer repair services?

If you made your purchase at an Alexander McQueen boutique or the brand’s official website, its customer service team offers a repair service. For these purchases, you may go to its website or boutique to speak with a specialist, who will give you the best advice on next steps to repair your garment. If the garment was purchased at a department store or outside retailer, you must inquire for a repair to that company. Alexander McQueen cannot guarantee repair services for products sold outside of its own official shops and ecommerce site.

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