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Logo Print Pouch - Black
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Cloud Xs Clutch - Black
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Xs Cloud Clutch Bag - Black
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Logo Print Clutch Bag - White
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Cloud Xl Metallic Leather Clutch
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Parisian brand Balenciaga fuses quality with luxury to form its contemporary range of clutches. Made for the modern woman, Balenciaga's clutch offering will accentuate your outfit perfectly. Crafted from smooth premium leather in vibrant colors with rich accents, Balenciaga is as creative as it is sleek. No matter what outfit you pair your clutch with, a Balenciaga accessory will easily become your statement go-to.

The Balenciaga Clutches Buying Guide

Instantly iconic, Balenciaga clutches should have a special spot reserved in your wardrobe. Parisian brand, Balenciaga, teams quality and luxury, dreaming up bags crafted from premium leather in styles that you can turn to every season. From classic little leather pouches and wallets to crossbody clutches in unique shapes and unexpected textures, a Balenciaga adds an effortless big finish to that outfit. Each piece is complete with Balenciaga lettering as a sign of elegance and style.

The Most Wanted Balenciaga Clutches

  • Balenciaga Explorer Clutches

    Travel with Balenciaga’s Explorer collection. Taking inspiration from world travel, some styles feature endangered animals like the Northern White Rhino or panda. Other pieces are made with your next trip in mind, like wash bags and body bags that are just the right size for your wallet and phone.

  • Balenciaga Triangle Clutches

    Daringly different, the Balenciaga Triangle Bag showcases a fresh, unique shape. The simple style comes in a choice of tonal or vibrant colours and with leather or chain straps. Choose from sizes ranging from pouch to duffel, each with the Balenciaga logo stamped on the side.

  • Balenciaga Campaign Collection Clutches

    A tongue-in-cheek reference to the presidential campaign, the Campaign Bags brings humor to your wardrobe. These graphic pouches combine pictures and lettering for editorial edge. Crafted from premium leather, they’re every bit as luxurious as Balenciaga’s more classic styles.

How To Care For Your Balenciaga Clutch

Balenciaga bags are crafted from premium leather and should be maintained appropriately to ensure they stay in their best condition. Each style comes with its own dust bag. When not being used, we recommend you keep your Balenciaga in its bag, out of sunlight. Avoid storing in a damp space. To retain the bag’s shape, you can stuff it with a pillow or paper.

To clean the leather of your bag, you can use a product specifically designed for pure leather. We recommend a leather cleaner and conditioner, followed by a misting protector to help keep the style waterproof. Before applying a new product to your bag, do a patch test in a hidden area.

While cleaning, use a soft cloth and don’t press or rub too hard. To remove surface dirt, try a gentle cleaner that restores emollients to the leather without compromising the surface.

What are Balenciaga bags made of?

Most Balenciaga clutches are made from lambskin leather. The material is soft and wears well, meaning your bag stays looking good over time. It also has a grained texture that gives classic Balenciaga bags the desired look. Some designs are crafted from durable Veau (calfskin) leather, which has a pebbled grain. Both require specialized products and gentle methods of cleaning.

Do Balenciaga bags come with authenticity cards?

Each Balenciaga style comes with credentials, so you know yours is a genuine item. In the box, as well as a dust bag, you’ll find cards and care instructions. One card is the Controllato card and the other has your bag information on it. As well as this, you’ll receive a leather sample, this will be identical to the leather used to craft your bag.

How do I find my Balenciaga serial number?

Another way to make sure your Balenciaga is genuine is to check the serial number. Each style has one. Inside your bag, you’ll find a leather tag. This will have the Balenciaga name on the front and will be embossed with your serial number on the back. Some styles have a metal plate on the front of the tag, these have a letter indicator at the end of their serial number.