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Bottega Veneta Lug Leather Boot - Black
Bottega Veneta
Lug Leather Boot - Black
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Rue La La
Bottega Veneta Flash Leather Boot - Black
Bottega Veneta
Flash Leather Boot - Black
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Rue La La
Bottega Veneta The Lean Leather Boot - Black
Bottega Veneta
The Lean Leather Boot - Black
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Rue La La
Bottega Veneta The Puddle Boots - Black
Bottega Veneta
The Puddle Boots - Black
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Bottega Veneta The Lean Chelsea Boots - Black
Bottega Veneta
The Lean Chelsea Boots - Black
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Moda Operandi
Bottega Veneta The Tire Leather Boot - Blue
Bottega Veneta
The Tire Leather Boot - Blue
£904£753(15% off)
Rue La La
Bottega Veneta The Puddle Boots - Brown
Bottega Veneta
The Puddle Boots - Brown
£412.92£374(5% off)
Bottega Veneta Tire - Black
Bottega Veneta
Tire - Black
Bottega Veneta

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Update your closet today with Bottega Veneta. Shop all the latest designer boots in our selection. Bottega Veneta takes particular care in sourcing the finest materials for its range of boots, so expect pieces made from leather. Everything by Bottega Veneta will seamlessly integrate into your existing wardrobe. Bottega Veneta's pieces never fail to make a statement. Regular care and maintenance will help keep leather in its original condition for longer. When it comes to a fabrics like leather, it is important to care for it properly to keep it in good condition. We advise removing dirt and dust by brushing with a soft, dry brush, and apply special care products to remove any stubborn stains. We advise applying a leather protection cream regularly to prevent signs of wear and tear and to add a protective barrier against water and dirt. Keep leather items away from direct sunlight and artificial sources of heat. Bottega Veneta's collection of boots is just as covetable as you'd expect. Shop the latest arrivals today.

The Bottega Veneta Boot Buying Guide

Now headed by Tomas Maier, Bottega Veneta has remained one of the fashion industry's most illustrious names since its initial founding in 1966. The discreet but instantly recognizable intrecciato leather weave maintains the label's reputation as the epitome of understated style synonymous with timeless Italian luxury and impeccable craftsmanship. Bottega Veneta boots are crafted from quality leather for a functional yet high-fashion edge. Based in a largely pared-down color palette, tall and ankle boots feature trademark weave motifs, innovative cuts and subtle embossing. Both heeled and flat styles inject a chic finish to all outfits.

Refined taste and Italian roots have been key defining factors for Bottega Veneta since its founding day in 1966. Since then, the global brand has taken its Italian heritage and added a worldly twist to create meaningful design into a forward-thinking lifestyle brand for men, women, footwear, and even home goods. You’ll find the architecturally inspired women’s boots in a wide variety of architectural shapes, heel heights, fabrications and styles. Ahead in our buying guide, we’ll help you decide the style that will suit you the best, the right size for you, and tips on how to properly care for your Bottega Veneta boots to make them last.

The Most Wanted Bottega Veneta Boots

  • Bottega Veneta Bloc Ankle Boots

    The luxury appeal of Bottega Veneta stands out in its Block ankle boot. The Bloc ankle boot, made its mark on the fashion crowd and became an instant favorite. Fitted to hug the ankle, the square-toe ankle boots are made in soft, buttery leather materials and suede in neutral colors with the occasional bright pop of color making an appearance. The versatility and detailed structures of Bottega Veneta’s Bloc ankle boot makes this style a must-have. 

  • Bottega Veneta Almond Leather Ankle Boots

    Bottega Veneta’s smooth leather ankle boots are a hit among the brand’s followers. The contemporary style, almond shaped toe and curved heel details instantly elevates an outfit. Made in Italy, the soft calfskin boots come in neutral black and tan colorways for styling versatility in addition to comfort. 

  • Bottega Veneta Almond Leather Knee-High Boots

    Simple and understated, the brand’s popular almond-toe style with a sophisticated angled heel was created as a knee high boot. This cold-weather staple elongates the leg, making it a flattering closet staple. Soft leather materials on the inside and out, this timeless and quality style is built to last from one season to the next. 

Bottega Veneta Boot Sizing Guide

Not sure what size to take in Bottega Veneta boots? The brand uses Italian/European sizing, and you can use the chart to see how this correlates with your usual size.

For example, if you typically wear a women’s UK 6 or US 9, you should take your Bottega Veneta boots in a size 39. 


How To Care For Your Bottega Veneta Boots

Bottega Veneta boots will be your first choice every time. When you are going from one event to the next, you’ll want to be sure these stay in its best condition. Below, we have tips on how to properly care for your new favorite boots to help prolong their longevity in your wardrobe.

- A general rule for boot care is to keep your boots out of water. If they become wet, take a soft cloth and wipe them off. If they are accidentally submerged in water, let the shoes air dry completely before wearing them again to avoid stretching out the materials and damaging them further.

- Avoid leaving boots in direct sunlight and extreme heat for extended amounts of time. When you are not wearing your boots, we recommend keeping them in a room temperature setting and storing them in a dust bag.

- For leather treatment, we recommend using a specialized leather or suede cleaner to maintain the new boot condition. Before using the cleaner, test it on a small, inconspicuous area to make sure it works and does not discolor your boots.

- For dirt and dust build up, take a soft, damp cloth and wipe away excess debris periodically to avoid long term damage.

- If your boot is a slip-on style that does not have a zipper, we recommend using a shoe horn to put on your boots in order to preserve the shape of the shoe.


Are Bottega Veneta boots comfortable?

Yes. Bottega Veneta boots are designed with comfort and aesthetic both kept in mind. The design house ensures quality materials, like smooth, soft calf leather. The design and structure of the curved heels are also a functionality that adds an element of comfort the way it holds the wearer’s weight with ease and balance. 

Are Bottega Veneta boots worth the investment?

The Italian-made boots are well worth the investment. The thoughtful design, quality leather materials, craftsmanship, and timeless aesthetic styles of the boots all make Bottega Veneta boots a staple that will stay in your wardrobe for years to come. 

Are Bottega Veneta boots sustainable?

Bottega Veneta has been taking steps to become more sustainable in its business practices and design. The brand sent sustainable unisex boots made out of sugarcane and coffee down the runway during Milan Fashion Week for its Autumn Winter 2020 show. This showcased the brands strides to start creating biodegradable pieces. Additionally, Bottega Veneta is the first luxury brand to receive an official LEED certificate for its headquarters.

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