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Bottega Veneta
The Pouch Leather Clutch - Green
£1,910 £1,664 (10% off)
Carola Zeta
Bottega Veneta
The Pouch Leather Clutch - Brown
£2,029 £1,452 (25% off)
Rue La La
Bottega Veneta
Dark Brown Intrecciato Leather Pouch
£1,128 £204 (80% off)
The Luxury Closet
Bottega Veneta
Knot Clutch - Multicolour
£7,396 £4,364 (40% off)
Rue La La
Bottega Veneta
Leather Knot Clutch - Brown
£2,146 £1,396 (35% off)
Bottega Veneta
Pouch - Red
Bottega Veneta
Bottega Veneta
The Pouch Leather Clutch - Yellow
£2,029 £1,724 (15% off)
Rue La La
Bottega Veneta
The Pouch Intrecciato 15 - Blue
£2,170 £1,779 (15% off)
Carola Zeta
Bottega Veneta
Bags.. Clear Blue
£2,835 £1,870 (30% off)

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Bottega Veneta made its mark on the fashion industry by raising the standards and quality of what true superior craftsmanship and precision designing ought to produce. Whether its footwear or outerwear the label never stops short of perfection. When perusing the vast collection of clutches, you'll instantly recognise the founding ethos. Handling a Bottega Veneta clutch is like touching a piece of handmade gold. Each piece is constructed with the most premium of materials that you would think with this much care and effort exerted you were royalty for owning one.

The Bottega Veneta Clutches Buying Guide

There’s so much to admire about these timeless Bottega Veneta clutches, it’s hard to know where to start. Perhaps it’s the superior craftsmanship, or the precision design that makes them instantly recognizable. Or maybe it’s the versatility. Whatever the reason, these clutches are closet must haves. They are available in a whole host of different designs, from the slouchy Pouch to the streamlined Intrecciato Knot Clutch, which both offer timeless design with an eye-catching finish. Crafted using materials such as leather, silk, snakeskin and finished with polished hardware, these clutches will update a jeans and blouse combo or finish off an LBD to perfection.

The Most Wanted Bottega Veneta Clutches

  • Bottega Veneta The Pouch

    This must-have clutch is designed to make a statement. From the oversized frame to the folded detailing and voluminous rounded shape, it reflects the brands aesthetic to perfection. Finished in buttery soft leather, fur, cork and more, this clutch is available in a multitude of colors, including black, brown, red, mustard and blue.

  • Bottega Veneta BV Twist

    If you’re looking for an eye-catching design with classic detailing, look no further than the BV Twist. The unstructured shape, chunky, knotted wrist strap and zipper on the bottom is entirely contemporary while the soft leather construction points to the quality that the brand is known and loved for. 

  • Bottega Veneta Pochette Knot

    This clutch is everything you want in an accessory, starting with it’s structured design, polished hardware, and signature knot clasp detail. There are a plentiful amount of designs available to make the look your own, check out the sophisticated intrecciato leather to the eye-catching snake and crocodile skin.

How To Care For Your Bottega Veneta Clutches

To keep your Bottega Veneta clutches looking their best, the brand suggests that contact with any liquid should be avoided and your clutch bag should be stored in a dry place inside the provided dust bag.

The leather that is used in the construction of the bags is not chemically treated and therefore cream or liquid leather protectors could absorb the product, leading to unwanted stains and marks. It is therefore not advised to apply any sort of cleaning product to your bag.

Bottega Veneta also offers a cleaning service for an additional fee. Simply take your bag to one of their stores and it will be shipped to the brands Atelier in Italy. Once there, the artisans can apply specific products to protect the leather and the bag will be cleaned. Where possible, a color touch up is also available. 


Do Bottega Veneta clutch bags have handles?

Some Bottega Veneta clutch bags include handles depending on which style you’ve chosen. The Pouch bags are designed to sit in the hand and therefore do not have a handle, however, The Pouch 2.0 is a smaller design than the original and features a drawstring closure which doubles as a shoulder strap.

Certain designs such as BV Twist have an integrated wrist handle, while the Intrecciato Leather Clutch features a removable shoulder strap. The Imperaro Intrecciato Leather Knot Clutch bag offers two different ways of styling – the metal strap can be worn over the shoulder or tucked into the bag when not required. 

Are Bottega Veneta clutch bags leather?

Most Bottega Veneta clutch bags like The Pouch and BV Twist are made from leather. For some of these designs, Bottega Veneta uses butter-soft calfskin leather for a finish that complements the eye-catching silhouettes.

The leather used by Bottega Veneta is smooth and some of the designs feature woven Intrecciato detailing. Some, like the vintage Pochette Knot clutch, are made from material such as snakeskin and crocodile skin. Because of the delicate nature of the leather used, it is advised that bags should not come into contact with liquids in case the leather becomes stained or marked.

How do I know my Bottega Veneta Clutch bag is real?

There are a number of ways to check whether your bag is genuine

.Firstly, take a look at the interior of the clutch bag and inspect the label. Authentic bags should have a patch of metal or leather with the Bottega Veneta logo stamp and a Made in Italy stamp. All stamps should have clear, crisp stamp impressions.

Some clutch bag labels have two rivets or clamps on the left and right side of the logo. These fasten the backing of the leather label to the inside of the bag. With a label like this, check the letter B is partially covered by the metal rivet, this is a sign that your handbag is genuine.

Zippers are another way of finding out whether your clutch bag is genuine. In most cases (but not all) Riri zippers are used. To check whether this type of zipper is used, take a look at the face of the zipper for the Riri logo stamp. In some cases, the Riri etching could be stamped on the bottom, under the zipper.