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Clutches Woman Black
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Turnlock Lunchbox Pouch - Brown
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The Coach brand is an exciting name in leather goods, coming from a history of fine and innovative leather working tradition and developing an aesthetic that is forwarding thinking and trend focused. From innovating its very own type of leather through to the range of fresh colours that are used on Coach products, this is the perfect brand for shoppers who are looking to combine tradition and contemporary style. The line of clutches has plenty of colour options and each one bears the horse and carriage logo of the brand, whether embossed into the leather or embellished onto the bag. A diversity of different leathers illustrates the brand's mastery with this fabric and the designs offer many options, from wristlets to pop ups.

The COACH Clutches Buying Guide

With all-American style at its core, COACH embodies a refined and modern attitude. The label is an innovative brand specializing in leather products, thanks to a rich legacy in creating refined and original leatherworking traditions. COACH clutches emanate timeless elegance and are extravagantly made from the finest leather, complete with feminine adornments. Combining tradition with contemporary style, the label’s clutches are available in a rainbow of colors and designs, each embossed or embellished with the iconic horse and carriage logo. Discover a whole gamut of leathers, demonstrating COACH’s mastery with this material. Read on for our women’s COACH clutches buying guide, which will help you uncover the styles that work best for you and show you how to care for them.

The Most Wanted COACH Clutches

  • COACH Box Program Clutches

    Inspired by designer Bonnie Cashin’s work, the COACH Box Program Clutch honors the brand’s heritage. The range includes numerous elegant and compact wristlets and wallets, made from pebbled leather. Features include secure zipper fastenings and the label’s signature gold-toned logo. Expect soft tones, monogrammed styles and vibrant colors.

  • COACH 1941 Leather Pouches

    The New York-based label brings you a line of 1941-style clutches complete with everything from glittery unicorns to blasting rockets. Fitted with a zipper pocket, wristlet strap and card slots, the COACH 1941 Leather Pouch will keep your phone and purse super safe in style.

  • COACH Tabby Chain Clutches

    A modern take on its 70s version, the COACH Tabby Chain Clutch is centered with the signature gold-toned ‘C’ buckle. Crafted from a mix of polished pebble leather and refined leather, the COACH Tabby Chain Clutch sports eight credit card slots, an inside zipper and open pockets. On the front is a snap closure and detachable chain strap. Carry it via the chain shoulder strap or wear it as a clutch with the wristlet strap.

How To Care For Your COACH Clutch

Keep your COACH clutch in great condition by storing and cleaning it properly. Take a look at the steps below.

Most COACH clutches are crafted from genuine leather. This fabric type can be cleaned and restored with a leather cleaner and moisturizer set.

• How to use a fabric cleaner on your COACH clutch

- Apply a little of the cleaner to a clean soft white cloth. Use gentle circular motions to rub away any dirt.

- Wipe away any excess using a clean white dampened cloth.

- Use a clean white cloth to blot dry.

- Leave to air-dry completely before using it again.

- Make sure you use the product frugally and blot dry entirely after cleaning so you don’t wet the surface too much and minimize the chance of leaving rings.

• How to use a leather cleaner

- Apply a small amount of leather cleaner using a clean, soft cloth to remove dirt. Be sure to wipe in circular motions.

- Carefully wipe off any excess and leave to dry for 30 minutes.

- You can also purchase a leather moisturizer in store or online after cleaning to improve the sheen.

• How to use a leather moisturizer

- To get rid of stains and dirt after cleaning, apply evenly using a clean, soft cloth. Use circular motions and wipe off any excess.

- Buff gently so you achieve a natural sheen.


Are COACH Clutches good?

If you’re looking for an elegant, luxurious clutch, you can’t go wrong with one from the COACH collection. COACH clutches are crafted from genuine leather and feature unique leather grains and colors. State-of-the-art fabrics are at the heart of COACH’s designs and the leather is a hard-wearing and flexible material made by the tanning of cattle hide from cows.

How can I check if a COACH clutch is real?

Authentic COACH clutches should sport the letters “YKK” on the zipper pull. You may also find these letters on the inside zipper. If it isn’t on the zipper, it’s probably a counterfeit product. COACH clutches also include an authenticity tag. Ensure all the letters are capitalized and spelled correctly. COACH doesn’t sell items at flea markets, through street vendors or in kiosks in malls. So, make sure you purchase your COACH clutch via a supplier on the Lyst website or through the official COACH website.

What are COACH clutches?

COACH has a rich history that originates back to 1941. They initially launched as Manhattan Leather Bags by Lillian and Miles Cahn. Then in 1962, COACH hired Bonnie Cashin who took the brand to dazzling new heights. COACH is one of the largest specialists in manufacturing leather handbags in America. Boasting premium quality materials and alluring styles, COACH clutches are charming and impeccably designed - and will complement every look and style.