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DKNY has successfully put a mature spin on the backpacks of yesteryear with this season's collection. Reinventing classic designs and combining luxe contemporary styles with timeless tailoring, these backpacks and fanny packs bring a cool New York aesthetic to your closet staples. Shop our edit below for your DKNY forever backpack.

The DKNY Backpacks Buying Guide

DKNY’s new styles revive old, classic fashions with high-class tailoring. The luxurious, contemporary bags bring a fresh New York aesthetic to your closet. Timeless shapes and sturdy materials ensure these backpacks will last you for years. Whether you're powering through campus or taking a stroll through the City, DKNY backpacks make understated elegance a breeze. For a buyer's guide to help you decide on the right backpack for you and your style, continue reading below.

The Most Wanted Women’s DKNY Backpacks

  • DKNY Casey Backpacks

    The Casey backpack is a versatile bag designed for everyday use. The medium-sized rucksack features a zipped pouch pocket at the front, which comes in handy for additional storage. The faux-leather trim adds an elegant finish to this simple design. Plus, the sturdy top handle and adjustable shoulder straps make this backpack incredibly comfortable to wear as you carry it throughout your day. Casey backpacks are available in a variety of colors, including designs with the brand’s repeat DKNY logo print.

  • DKNY Whitney Backpacks

    The Whitney backpack features a streamlined, contemporary shape that's sure to draw the eye. Its geometric elegance hinges on the black or brown textured leather and is beautifully finished with the DKNY gold-toned logo. This bag is a convenient and comfortable organizer, as well as a day-to-day statement piece. It's suited to both everyday and formal functions alike.

  • DKNY Scholar Backpacks

    As the name suggests, this range of backpack is the perfect student companion for accessorizing busy campus life. Its main compartment boasts an internal laptop sleeve, and the frontal pocket offers extra storage for smaller items. The padded back and adjustable straps allow you to carry bulky binders and books with comfort and ease. 

How To Care For Your DKNY Backpack

A women's DKNY backpack, if well taken care of, should last you many years even with heavy regular use. To assure the exterior of your bag retains its cleanliness and sheen, follow these care instructions:

• For leather backpacks, use a reputable protection cream or treatment from day one. This will help protect your bag against staining and grease. Regularly wipe the backpack with a clean, damp cloth. Always rub in the direction of the grain to avoid ruining the leather, use proper leather cleaning products, and never use soap.

• Canvas bags can be cleaned with a slightly soapy, warm, damp cloth. Clean by applying gentle pressure and circular motions. Then, let the bag air dry before repeating to get rid of tougher stains.

• Don’t try to remove old ink stains by yourself. If you’re unsure about how to clean the bag, refer to a professional.

• Have the bag professionally cleaned semi-regularly.

• If you’re not using your backpack for prolonged periods, consider stuffing it with tissue paper to help maintain its shape.

• Always consult the material guidelines provided and patch-test products, preferably in a less visible spot or on the inside of the bag. This helps to confirm the cleaning product will help, rather than hinder the aesthetic of your bag.  

How Can I Tell Whether My DKNY Backpack Is Authentic?

Always purchase your women's DKNY backpacks from reputable, authorized stores, and avoid street vendors. If you’re unsure about the authenticity of a bag, feel the quality of the material. It should be evidently sturdy and high-quality with boast excellent stitching.

Familiarize yourself with the DKNY logo on the official website so you can spot counterfeit variations. You should also avoid online products that use phrasing like ‘DKNY like’ or ‘DKNY style.’

How Much Can DKNY Backpacks Carry?

The size and volume of the backpack depend on the range. So, be sure to read each product description carefully to determine what liter-age the bag can hold.

Some backpacks are purposefully designed to suit the needs of students and working professionals. Of course, these hold more and even have small compartments for electronics and laptop sleeves. 

What Are DKNY Backpacks Made Of?

DKNY uses a versatile range of high-quality materials to make their bags. Often, they use textured or smooth leather for the exterior finish and sturdy leather handles.

Many ranges also come in canvas, with the signature DKNY repeated logo-print.

Refer to the specific product details to learn more about the materials that comprise each individual backpack.