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Designed and developed in Montebelluna, Italy Geox is known around the world as 'the shoe that breathes'. Using innovative research methods to construct breathable, waterproof fabrics, Geox shoes are not only a triumph in functional footwear, but also a serious investment in on-point style. For the perfect, comfortable full stop on all your casual ensembles, turn to Geox trainers. Practical and good looking these excellent trainers will fast become your city-centric go-to come the weekend.

The Geox Sneakers Buying Guide

Known as ‘the shoe that breathes,’ Geox sneakers offer style that doesn’t compromise on comfort. The brand’s mission is simple — to create comfy trend-led shoes that are breathable and waterproof – yet its impact on our feet is huge. Using cutting-edge research and development, Geox incorporates clever tech into its sneakers, putting them at the forefront of highly functional footwear. Features such as lightweight cushioning, perforated soles and rain-resistant leather give unrivalled comfort and practically. Take a look at our buying guide, where we list some of the most wanted styles, give you tips on what size to buy and answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

The Most Wanted Women’s Geox Sneakers

  • Geox Nebula Sneakers

    Integrating the brand’s innovative Nebula™ technology, these sneakers are one step ahead when it comes to comfort and breathability. They come in a range of designs, from smart leather lace-ups to sporty mesh styles, and all feature Geox’s three-dimensional breathing system. A winning combination of perforated soles, linings with air pockets and ergonomic cushioning, the Nebula sneakers make walking, quite literally, a breeze.

  • Geox High-Top Sneakers

    Geox’s high-top sneakers cover classic lace-up styles, shoe-boot hybrids and statement wedge-heel designs. Whichever style you choose, you’re guaranteed comfort, even with the brand’s towering heeled sneakers. With exclusive Geox-patented designs, they ensure an ideal microclimate inside the shoe, keeping your feet perfectly ventilated whatever the temperature outside. 

  • Geox Aneko Sneakers

    Thought waterproof leather sneakers were impossible? Not with Geox. The Aneko shoes combine soft leather and suede fabrics with the brand’s Amphibiox waterproof technology, into a neat, streamlined sneaker. Unlike conventional waterproof shoes, these sneakers feel lightweight and highly breathable. They come in a choice of colors too, from ready-for-anything tobacco tan to a statement Bordeaux red. 

The Women’s Geox Sneakers Sizing Guide

Geox shoes tend to fit generously compared to other styles on the market. Therefore, it is recommended that you go down half a size when purchasing your sneakers.

The chart below converts EU sizing into US and UK sizes and displays their respective measurements in centimetres. For the most accurate way to find your size, measure your feet by placing them on a blank sheet of paper, with your heels against the wall. Then, draw a line at the front of your longest toe and measure the length from this line to the wall in centimetres. You can then use the chart below to see which size your measurements fall in to.

34 ½41.522,40
35 ½52.523,00
36 ½63.523,70
37 ½74.524,40
38 ½85,525,00
39 ½96.525,70
40 ½107.526,40
41 ½118.527,00
42 ½129.527,60

How to Care for Your Geox Sneakers

Fabric Sneakers

If your sneakers are made using fabric, surface dirt should be removed with a brush. Then, if required, a foam-based cleaning product should be applied to get rid of stains. It’s worth investing in a water-proofing spray to prevent dirt from penetrating into the fabric.

Synthetic Leather Sneakers

Synthetic leather is easily washable with water and a foam-based cleaning product. Due to its strong, non-porous surface, it’s recommended that you do not use water-proofing sprays or shoe polish on this type of material. 

Nubuck or Suede Sneakers

To protect the tactile finish of nubuck or suede, it’s best to dry-clean sneakers made using these fabrics. You should gently brush off any surface dirt and use water and a foam cleaning product for stubborn stains. Once dry, the shoe should be brushed again to restore its soft, velvety texture. These fabrics can be treated with a water-proofing spray.


Are Geox sneakers waterproof?

Amphibiox™ is the brand’s patented waterproof technology, designed to keep the feet dry while allowing them to breathe. The technology is found in many Geox sneakers, from stylish low-tops to cozy, faux fur-lined high-tops.  

How do Geox shoes work?

Geox sneakers are made with microporous linings that allow the absorption of sweat. The vapour from the sweat is then let out through the shoe’s perforated rubber soles, allowing the foot to breathe, while keeping water out. 

Are Geox sneakers fashionable?

Geox proves season and season that highly functional footwear can be fashionable. A style that demonstrates this perfectly is the Alhour sneaker. Created with a 90s-inspired chunky sole and color block design, this comfortable sneaker is scoring serious style points among fashion crowds. See this style and other popular Geox sneakers donned by your favorite influencers on the Instagram hashtag #MyGeox.