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With a 90-year history rooted in craftsmanship and traditional Italian style, Gucci is one of the best-known, much-loved luxury goods brands in the world. Today the creative reins are in the capable hands of Alessandro Michele who, throughout all collections, has a fashion authority that is easily identifiable by its pairing of modernity with heritage. Capture this world-class style with Gucci's extensive selection of tops. From printed silk shirts and blouses to T-shirts and polo tops, any one of these high quality pieces will add some Italian glamour to your closet.

The Gucci Tops Buying Guide

Tops and t-shirts from this Gucci are bold, colorful and bursting with personality. Turning casual uniform into a style statement, this range starts conversations instead of simply blending in. While playful graphics and prints take center stage, wearability is never forgotten, with versatile tops that can be worn for any occasion. From the iconic GG Interlocking logo and the famous GG Monogram to the fusion of florals and silk, the entire collection breathes fun and excitement into the everyday closet. See our Gucci tops buying guide below to find out more about different styles, sizing and garment care.

The Most Wanted Gucci Tops

  • Gucci Logo T-shirts

    Instantly recognized by fashion fans around the globe, the Gucci logo T-shirt is a high fashion staple that comes with maximum versatility. Worn as a casual tee over jeans, styled with a skirt or teamed with a sharp suit, the Gucci t-shirt looks good with everything. Expect bold embroidery, bright graphics, cartoon humor and cultural references, as well as iconic logos. The oversized GG Interlocking logo, the GG Apple logo and the Gucci Orgasmique logo are just a few to check out. 

  • Gucci Shirts

    The Gucci shirts collection brings together some of the most important prints from the fashion house. As well as bold florals and classic stripes, Gucci shirts and blouses take on GG Harness print, the GG Monogram, GG Diamond, and GG Chain prints. Available to browse are work shirts, printed silk shirts, cotton-poplin shirts, bow and necktie shirts, ruffle trim shirts, jacquard shirts, bowling shirts, and more.

  • Gucci Sleeveless and Tank Tops

    Made for warmer weather, the Gucci sleeveless and tank tops range will instantly update your vacation wardrobe. Choose from casual cami tops, silk tunic tops, jacquard tops, floral-print tops, silk scarf tank tops, fringe tank tops, ribbed tops, and contrast-trim tank tops. Find one-off collaborations and limited edition designs like the Gucci Disney Edition, and discover prints such as GG Horsebit, GG Monogram and GG Rhombus.

Women’s Gucci Tops Sizing Guide

T-shirts, shirts and blouses from Gucci come in Italian sizing. Overall, garments from this house are true to size, but some t-shirts may have an oversized fit. Always check whether t-shirts are fitted or loose fit when shopping.

To figure out the right size in your country, use the conversion chart below. Shoulder and chest measurements can also be used for sizing accurately.

XXXS34302330 / 11.884 / 33.1
XXS36324532 / 12.686 / 33.9
XS38346734 / 13.488 / 34.6
S40368936 / 14.290 / 35.4
M4238101137 / 14.692 / 36.2
L4440121338 / 15.094 / 37.0
XL4642141539 / 15.396 / 37.8
XXL4844161740 / 15.798 / 38.6

How To Care For Gucci Tops

Gucci t-shirts are made from 100% cotton and most styles can be machine washed on a low setting. For best results, turn the t-shirt inside out and use a mild detergent.

The Gucci shirts collection may be labeled as dry clean only, particularly the delicate silk designs. Always check the garment label before washing. 


Do Gucci t-shirts ever go on sale?

This house does not offer sales online for any of its products. Sales are offered exclusively through Gucci outlet stores. However, it may be possible to get a t-shirt on sale through an authorized retailer. 

Is Gucci’s ‘Fake Gucci T-shirts’ collection real?

Taking a tongue-in-cheek approach to counterfeit t-shirts, the fashion house has knocked off the knock-offs with its own ‘Fake Gucci’ t-shirt range. This collection copies the cheap market stall imitations sold around the world, particularly countries in Asia. But these t-shirts are 100% authentic and are made in Italy like the rest of the clothing range. Any t-shirts bought from, a Gucci boutique or from an authorized retailer comes with guaranteed authenticity.

How can I authenticate a Gucci t-shirt?

T-shirts by Gucci are widely counterfeited and these cheaper imitations do not offer the same level of quality, design or fit as the real deal. Telltale signs of a fake Gucci t-shirt include poor stitching, misaligned or incorrect logo fonts, and poor quality fabrics. Another giveaway is fading and rusty looking edges of graphic logos. However, this is not to be mistaken for the brand’s own ‘Fake Gucci Logo’ range. To authenticate, always check the garment label. Genuine Gucci products are made in Italy. To avoid fakes, always shop with official retailers as seen on Lyst or direct from