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Low-top Trainers - White
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Kapri Slip On Shoes - Black
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White Leather Trainers
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Sonic Trainers - White
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K City Trainers - White
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K-skate Slip-on Trainers - Blue
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Sonic Low Top Trainers - White
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High-tops & Trainers - Black
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Slip On - Black
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Carola Zeta
Low Top Palladium X Nylon Trainer - Pink
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Eleonora Bonucci
Move Low Top Trainers - Blue
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Sonic Trainers - Pink
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Tennix Shoes (trainers) - White
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Contrast Lace-up Trainers - Black
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Sonic Shoes (trainers) - White
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Tiger Move Trainers - Multicolour
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Tennix Shoes (trainers) - White
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The KENZO Sneakers Buying Guide

Loved for their sleek aesthetic and signature quirky edge, KENZO sneakers are the Paris-based brand's answer to all your streetwear needs. The extensive and often colorful range of KENZO women's sneakers encompasses luxury ready-to-wear fashion, hip style, and comfort in a line of footwear that stands out for its distinctive designs and boundary-pushing finishes. From chunky platforms to lightweight plimsolls, KENZO women's sneakers embrace the label's Japanese-French character in a collection that remains at funky fashion's cutting edge. Ahead, take a look at our women's KENZO sneakers buying guide to narrow down your perfect pick and ensure you select the right size.

The Most Wanted Women's KENZO Sneakers

  • Kenzo K-Sock Sneakers

    With its distinctive sock style and easy pull-on design, the K-Sock sneaker is the chunky, trendy must-have for avant-garde chic. Futuristic with its contrasting graphics and angular soles, the K-Sock features a high and sock-like upper and plenty of attention to detail on its speckle patterned midsole. A handy toggle adjusting the fit ensures you're comfortable, and laces form a traditional sneaker finish to an otherwise non-traditional shoe. The K-Sock also comes complete with a branded pull tab and a choice of four colors.

  • Kenzo Sonic Scratch Sneakers

    Eccentric, sturdy, and stylish all at once, the Sonic Scratch sneaker is one of KENZO's most colorful footwear pieces. With its bold block hues and segmented patch details, the Sonic Scratch embodies KENZO's love of innovative design while maintaining functionality. The shoe features crossover velcro fastening, a statement logo tongue patch, and a rear pull tab, plus a reliable rubber sole. Quality suede, grained, and smooth leather form the bulk of the shoe, with the materials' multi-layered feel accentuating the model's eye-catching concepts.

  • Kenzo Tennix Leather Low Top Sneakers

    Simpler and more sober than the brand's eclectic or futuristic footwear pieces, the Tennix Leather Low Top sneaker is a classic must-have. Its smooth leather and rounded toe form a modish silhouette offset by the brand's statement logo on the shoe's side, and a thick rubber outsole and breathable mesh lining ensure total comfort. For a chic, understated look that works with everyday ensembles, the Tennix Leather Low Top sneakers are a perfect pick.

The Women's KENZO Sneakers Sizing Guide

KENZO sneakers can run big, so you may want to order a size down from your usual shoe size. You can also opt to order your regular size and add an insole or non-slip heel grip.

You can use the sizing chart below to compare your usual women’s US, UK or Italian size against KENZO's standard French sizing.

For example, if you usually wear a UK size 5, US 6.5 or an Italian 37, this converts to a KENZO size 38.


How To Care For Your KENZO Sneakers

Taking good care of your sneakers is the best way to ensure your investment is a lasting one.

KENZO sneakers come with a dust bag – we recommend keeping your sneakers in it until you first wear them. Once your sneakers are in use, you can keep them clean using a slightly-dampened and soft cloth and rubbing the sneaker's material in circular motions. This generally works well for materials such as leather, suede, or canvas.

Leather and suede sneakers can also benefit from brushing with a bristle brush or toothbrush, although you might want to invest in specialist leather or suede shoe cleaning products. If you prefer using a home product, simple soap and water can do wonders, alongside baking soda mixed with water and rubbing alcohol (for mesh materials).

To help keep your sneakers odor-free, we recommend airing them well between use and placing dryer sheets inside them overnight.


Are KENZO Sneakers Worth The Price?

KENZO sneakers are not just a fashion piece, they are an investment. Crafted from quality materials including grain leather, KENZO sneakers are beautifully made, diligently designed, and made to last. 

Which Chunky Sneakers Are The Best?

KENZO's sneaker range includes a wide variety of chunky models, with the most popular including the pull-on K-Sock Sneaker, the segmented Inka model, and the Sonic range. While the K-Sock sticks to duo-tones, the Inka and Sonic are loved for their multicolor designs, statement colorways, and distinctly urban aspects.

How Thick Are The Soles On KENZO's Sneakers?

Sole thickness varies between KENZO's sneaker models. Virtually flat is the KENZO Move sneaker, with sole thickness rising to 2 cm (0.8 inches) for the Tennix range. Sonic sneakers have a sole height of 4 cm (1.6 inches), rising to 5.5 cm (2.2 inches) for the K-lastic Espadrilles.