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Le Specs Sunglasses - Red
Le Specs
Sunglasses - Red
£70£45(35% off)
Le Specs Sunglasses - Black
Le Specs
Sunglasses - Black
£57£22(60% off)
Le Specs Vamp Sunglasses - Black
Le Specs
Vamp Sunglasses - Black
£105£42(60% off)
Le Specs Sunglasses - Yellow
Le Specs
Sunglasses - Yellow
£70£46(30% off)
Le Specs Oh Damn! Sunglasses - Black
Le Specs
Oh Damn! Sunglasses - Black
£50.74£36(30% off)

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A favourite of celebrities and fashion icons around the world, Le Specs is a contemporary accessory brand that has been producing seriously cool shades for an avid international audience since the eighties. Relaunched in 2006, this Australian brand uses many of the original molds that earned this popular brand its cult following. Inspired by music scenes, street style and pop culture, Le Specs accessories are iconic and effortlessly cool.

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