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Maison Margiela
Tabi Ankle Boots - Black
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Maison Margiela
80mm Tabi Leather Boots - White
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Maison Margiela
Tabi Ankle Boots - Black
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Maison Margiela
Ankle Boots - Black
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Maison Margiela
X Reebok Instapump Fury - Black
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Nugnes 1920
Maison Margiela
Ankle Boots - White
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Maison Margiela
Tabi Ankle Boots - Blue
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Maison Margiela
Ankle Boots - Black
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Update your closet today with Maison Margiela. Shop all the latest designer boots in our selection. Available in a wide range of colors and styles, these boots are built to last from materials such as leather. Boots from Maison Margiela are the finishing touches your wardrobe has been missing. Available in a range of styles and silhouettes, Maison Margiela's boots are well worth the investment. Regular care and maintenance will help keep leather in its original condition for longer. Before cleaning, we advise cleaning the leather with a dry soft cloth and specialist cleaner. It’s recommended to also apply a leather conditioner or cream, which protects and moisturises the material to prevent it from drying out and cracking. Keep leather items away from direct sunlight and artificial sources of heat. Everyone should have Maison Margielaboots in their wardrobe. Shop our edit today.

The Maison Margiela Boots Buying Guide

It takes a lot to design a staple, sought-after boots. The fit's got to be great, it needs to be functional and lasting more than a season is essential. Maison Margiela's collection ticks every box. From patent leather ankle boots to knee-high alternatives, the label's line-up is expertly crafted with couture-like attention to detail, making each pair a favorite you'll always slip on. Plus, with a soft footbed and thick sole on every shoe, Margiela's boots wins when it comes to comfort too.

With their iconic shape and split-toe, Maison Margiela boots are much-loved by those in the know. Made from fine Italian leather, these boots offer class, comfort, and a contemporary-cool finish to any outfit. Ahead, take a look at our women’s Maison Margiela boots buying guide, which will help you narrow down the styles that work best for you, find your size, and learn how to care for your shoes. 

The Most Wanted Maison Margiela Boots

  • Maison Margiela Tabi Boots

    The Tabi boot is one of the brand’s most recognizable styles, and it has lasted the test of time. Inspired by traditional Japanese socks of the same name, they were first created in 1988 and still remain a firm favorite among Maison Margiela fans. They feature a 2-inch stacked cylindrical block heel and ankle-high buffed leather. You’ll find Margiela's signature white stitch at the heel collar. The cleft square toe, tab-slot closure at the inner side, and leather tan lining complete the overall look. 

  • Maison Margiela Tabi Platform Boots

    Taking a fresh approach to the brand’s iconic Tabi, Maison Margiela sets these boots on a towering wooden platform heel and sole. Made from premium leather, these Tabi Platform Boots still feature the signature square split-toe style. Choose from black or tan colorways.

  • Maison Margiela Tabi Graffiti Boots

    You won’t go unnoticed in a pair of these graffiti-print boots. Featuring the style’s iconic cleft toe and leather inner and sole, Maison Margiela reworks the popular Tabi boot with bold, all-over graffiti scrawlings.

The Maison Margiela Boots Sizing Guide

Maison Margiela boots are made in Italy and therefore use Italian shoe sizing (same as European). To help you find the best fitting boot for you, use the below chart to see how women’s European sizing corresponds with US sizes. For example, if you wear a US 8, you should take your Maison Margiela boots in a 38.

If you’ve never bought a pair of women’s Maison Margiela boots before, we recommend that you buy your usual boot size. 


How To Care For Your Maison Margiela Boots

Maison Margiela boots are made from high-quality, authentic, and untreated leather. To protect your shoes and keep them looking as sharp as they did when you first bought them, follow these simple steps:

Avoid exposing your boots to sunlight as their color may fade. This is especially true of paler shades.

Don't get water, oil, or perfume on your shoes, and don't expose them to extreme temperatures. Any of these scenarios can cause the leather to age prematurely.

Clean surface stains on your leather or patent leather boots with a soft damp cloth. Use a protector spray to safeguard your shoes against the elements and a high-quality leather polish for further protection and maintenance. 


Who created the Maison Margiela Tibi boot?

Belgian fashion designer Martin Margiela created the split toe boot, the quirky design that sharply defined the Margiela brand. These shoes first appeared in a store in Antwerp, Belgium, in 1988. Martin Margiela is famously reclusive and made headlines in 2009 when he quit his own company and retired from the fashion industry. 

Are Maison Margiela boots worth the investment?

Maison Margiela boots are made out of the highest quality calfskin leather. Not only that, but the inners and sole are also crafted out of soft leather. When Margiela created these boots, he said he wanted to “create an invisible shoe, the illusion of barefoot walking on a high, chunky heel.” This is how his split toe-heel design came about.  

How do I wear split-toe Maison Margiela boots?

When you put the boots on, your big toe goes on one side, and the rest of your toes go on the other. Imagine how your feet look in flip flops, and the same principle applies here. You can wear them with tabi socks, these used to be pretty rare, but you can now find and buy them online with ease.