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Balenciaga Cotton Hat - Black
Cotton Hat - Black
£370.01£334(10% off)
Balenciaga Cotton Hat - Black
Cotton Hat - Black
£354.80£320(10% off)
Balenciaga Quest Baseball Cap - Blue
Quest Baseball Cap - Blue
£284.10£270(5% off)
Balenciaga Sponsor Logo Baseball Cap - Red
Sponsor Logo Baseball Cap - Red
£401.92£210(45% off)
Balenciaga Hats In Cotton - Black
Hats In Cotton - Black
£310.84£226(25% off)
Balenciaga Pride Baseball Cap - Pink
Pride Baseball Cap - Pink
£354.80£236(30% off)
Balenciaga Logo Embroidered Cap - Grey
Logo Embroidered Cap - Grey
£274£220(20% off)
Balenciaga Gym Wear Cap - Black
Gym Wear Cap - Black
£299.05£199(30% off)

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Style hats from this luxury fashion house and rejuvenate your wardrobe for the new season. The Balenciaga name is one that is recognized everywhere you go. From Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris to popular rap songs, Balenciaga is highly coveted and a symbol of high fashion. Originally founded by Cristóbal Balenciaga, this label was famously described as “the master of us all” By Christian Dior. Shop our edit of the label's men’s hats and caps below.

The Balenciaga Hat Buying Guide

Balenciaga’s hats have become increasingly popular, but the luxury brand hasn’t stopped innovating new designs. There is a hat for every person, every outfit and every occasion when it comes to Balenciaga, from knitted beanies to baseball caps. Ahead, take a look at our Balenciaga men’s hat buying guide, which will help you discover styles that will work for you and how to take care of them.

The Most Wanted Balenciaga Men’s Hats

  • Balenciaga Beanie Hats

    Beanie hats are the best and most stylish way to keep cozy in the colder months, and there’s no better way to do that than with a Balenciaga beanie. The majority of Balenciaga beanies are made from a blend of virgin wool and camel hair, and feature folded hems for extra insulation. There’s a wide range of different patterns and logos available.

  • Balenciaga Baseball Caps

    Balenciaga baseball caps have always been a classic wardrobe staple, regardless of the season. There’s an array of designs available, such as the political logo campaign cap and styles featuring the brand’s embroidered logo in a Gothic font. All baseball caps are made from durable cotton-twill that's tough enough to withstand frequent wear.

  • Balenciaga X World Food Programme Collaboration Caps

    Designed with a focus on humanitarian aid, Balenciaga collaborated with the World Food Programme - a non-governmental organization that supports food security and is striving to solve world hunger - to create a collection of hats. There is a range of items in the collaboration, but one of the most popular pieces is the embroidered cap. A percentage of each sale of the 100% cotton hats is donated to the World Food Programme, and it comes with 'Saving Lives Changing Lives' printed on the side. 

How To Care For Your Balenciaga Hat

Wearing your Balenciaga hat daily often means it collects dirt and grime. To clean it, we recommend dry cleaning your hat to maintain the shape, fit and quality of the fabric, and to avoid machine washing or tumble drying. If you do need to hand wash, it’s best to use cold water, a gentle detergent and lay the hat down flat to air dry. If the hats get wet due to rain, carefully lay flat inside to dry.


What are Balenciaga hats made from?

Balenciaga hats all differ, but generally, the logo hats and baseball caps are made in Italy from 100% cotton. The beanies are made from virgin wool and camel hair for a super-soft feel. 

How can you tell if your Balenciaga hat is real?

All Balenciaga hats will feature the brand’s logo. It will come with designer tags, as well as a branded box. The feel of the hat should also be high quality – cotton for caps and a mix of wool and camel hair for the beanies. 

How delicate are Balenciaga hats?

Balenciaga hats can be and should be used daily. Although they may experience some wear and tear over time, they are made from high-quality materials that will last if cared for correctly. 

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