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Burberry Quilted Jacket - Blue
Quilted Jacket - Blue
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Rue La La
Burberry Logo Jacket - Black
Logo Jacket - Black
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Burberry Suit Jacket - Blue
Suit Jacket - Blue
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Burberry Beige "kenwick" Vest - Natural
Beige "kenwick" Vest - Natural
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Burberry Jacket - Natural
Jacket - Natural
Burberry Check Duffle Jacket - Black
Check Duffle Jacket - Black
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Burberry Packaway Hooded Jacket - Black
Packaway Hooded Jacket - Black
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Burberry Suit Jacket - Black
Suit Jacket - Black
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Established in 1856, the heritage brand Burberry may be best known for its traditional designs and classic styles, but it is the constant innovation and dedication to a contemporary aesthetic that ensures the brand stays relevant. Their collection of men's jackets epitomises this perfectly. With outerwear at the heart of the label, a Burberry jacket ensures the high quality, luxury appeal that the brand is known for. When it comes to Burberry designs, the subtle detailing is what sets it apart. Look for discreet seasonal updates on classic styles, or choose one of the season's standout directional pieces.

The Burberry Jackets Buying Guide

The men’s Burberry jackets collection is a firmly cemented closet essential, best known for its classic silhouettes and traditional styles. Founded in 1856, the heritage label Burberry brings you a selection of runway-worthy men’s jackets, including leather styles, blazers, quilted coats, bombers and gilets. For high-quality outerwear, look no further than a Burberry jacket that guarantees luxury and fashion-forward designs. Over 150 years in the making, the UK-based label has never looked in such good shape. Our men’s Burberry jackets buying guide will help identify the right style to suit your tastes, find your size, and learn how to take care of your jacket.

The Most Wanted Burberry Jackets

  • Burberry Parka Jackets

    Stay warm in style with a laid-back Burberry parka jacket. When there’s a nip in the air, it’s just as well these jackets feature water-resistant fabrics with wind-proof hoods. From classic blacks to deep reds, there’s a whole gamut of colors to choose from.

  • Burberry Leather Jackets

    Well known for its iconic trench coat, Burberry has come a long way since then. The leather Burberry jacket has become a firm favorite, thanks to its authentic zip cuffs, leather-bound seams and buckled side adjusters. Find bombers, blousons and aviators, all made from lambskin and suede, with shearling trims and ribbed cuffs, collars and hems for the ultimate insulation.

  • Burberry Blazers

    Giving a nod to English suiting heritage, the Burberry blazer comes in slim, classic and English fits. Finished with unique weaves and unexpected embellishments, these on-point blazers will never go out of style. From nylon puffer styles to classic fit wool silk tuxedos, a Burberry blazer is perfect for wearing to the office and out for dinner.

The Burberry Jackets Sizing Guide

Burberry jackets are available in sizes XS-XXL, and you can use the Burberry jacket size chart below to see typical measurements of each size.

Please be aware that clothing sizes do vary, and larger sizes may be needed for certain styles. The chart shows men’s body measurements in inches.

UK SIZE / IT SIZE444648505254565860
US SIZE343638404244464850
CHEST35.4” 90cm37” 94cm38.6” 98cm40” 102cm41.7” 106cm43.4” 110cm44.9” 114cm46.4” 118cm48” 122cm
WAIST29.5” 75cm31.1” 79cm32.7” 83cm34.3” 87cm35.8” 91cm37.4” 95cm39” 99cm40.5” 103cm42.1” 107cm
HIPS35” 89cm36.6” 93cm38.1” 97cm40.8” 101cm41.3” 105cm42.9” 109cm44.5” 113cm46” 117cm47.6” 121cm
ARM32.6” 83cm33.2” 84.5cm33.8” 86cm34.4” 87.5cm35” 89cm35.6” 90.5cm36.2” 92cm36.8” 93.5cm37.4” 95cm

How To Care For Your Burberry Jackets

Most Burberry jackets are made from a range of materials like leather, suede, linen, cotton and wool, and the majority will need dry cleaning. Regardless of the material your Burberry jacket is crafted from, it’s easy to keep it clean and smelling fresh between professional cleans to preserve its appearance and condition. • Lay your Burberry jacket on a flat, clean work surface. Use a lint brush over all areas of the jacket to get rid of dirt and dust. • Use a damp soft cloth, coated in a capful of white vinegar, to dab and wipe away any stains. It’s perfectly safe to use a diluted vinegar solution to remove stains from leather, suede, wool, raincoat material and other fabrics. • Use a dry cloth to soak up any excess moisture. • Leave your jacket to air dry on a hanger. • If any odors remain, coat your Burberry jacket in a little baking soda. Fill a plastic container with one cup of baking soda and place it at the bottom of a big trash bag. • Hang the jacket on a hanger inside the bag, drawing the bag up and around the jacket. • Twist the top around the hanger to close the bag, and secure with a twist tie. • Leave the jacket in a room or closet for 24 hours. This will give the baking soda enough time to soak up unpleasant odors. • Take your jacket out of the trash bag and hang it in the closet until the next time you want to wear it.


Can Burberry jackets be washed?

Burberry jackets differ in textile composition from style to style. If your jacket is made from a cotton/nylon blend, it should be fine to wash it and achieve great results. For jackets made of leather, suede, linen, cotton or wool, please see the full cleaning instructions above.

How to spot a fake Burberry jacket?

Many fake Burberry jackets read “Rurberry” and “Burbery”. Burberry uses only premium fabrics. Buttons and belt loops should be sewed on securely. Stitches should be even and firm. The lining is never crooked or creased and the hem should be straight, too.

How do Burberry jackets fit?

Burberry jackets tend to fit true to size. Please see the size chart above. For a good fit, please go by these measurements.

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