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Emanuele Bicocchi Jewellery - Metallic

Emanuele Bicocchi
Jewellery - Metallic

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Florence-born designer Emanuele Bicocchi is known for his high-octane, glam rock jewellery collections, blending tough, edgy aesthetics with a sense of luxury and decadence. Launched in 2006, the label has become a firm favourite of legions of A-list stars, offering up a deft blend of skulls, crosses and chains with glittering Swarovski crystals, intricately woven patterns and tough leather accents. The men's Emanuele Bicocchi jewellery collections will add instant attitude to any daytime or evening wardrobe. Featuring studded, spiked bracelets, skull-adorned cocktail rings and draping, multi-strand necklaces, there's an eye-catching design here to suit every discerning gent's wardrobe.

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