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Emporio Armani Black Rust Mesh Trainer - White
Emporio Armani
Black Rust Mesh Trainer - White
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Emporio Armani Black Mesh Trainer - Natural
Emporio Armani
Black Mesh Trainer - Natural
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Ferraris Boutique
Emporio Armani Trainers - White
Emporio Armani
Trainers - White
£299£245(15% off)
Emporio Armani X4x253-xl692 Slip-ons (shoes) - Black
Emporio Armani
X4x253-xl692 Slip-ons (shoes) - Black
£158£134(15% off)

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Update your closet today with Emporio Armani. Shop all the latest designer sneakers in our selection. Turn to Lyst's collection of suede sneakers for your everyday staples. Available in a wide range of styles, these pieces are designed to last. Pared-back and understated, our selection of sneakers defy seasonal trends and will stand the test of time. The variety of styles on offer from Emporio Armani means there is something for everyone. Specialising in elevated essentials that are made to last, the label’s range has something to suit every shopper. There's a reason Emporio Armani's men's sneakers are so covetable! Suede items are a great investment, and it pays to care for them properly. When it comes to a fabrics like suede, it is important to care for it properly to keep it in good condition. We recommend targeting any water spots and surface marks by rubbing gently with a dry cloth. Dust can be removed in one single direction with a specialist leather brush, or in small back and forth motions to tackle tougher stains. To maintain the appearance of your suede item, we recommend pre-treating with a protector spray to help minimise any water, oil and dirt from penetrating the fabric. Always test in an inconspicuous spot before use, and reapply to maintain protection. Use a suede eraser for any tougher stains. To finish, apply a specialty suede conditioner with a buffing cloth in short, steady strokes. Shop the latest men's designer sneakers from Emporio Armani at Lyst now.

The Men’s Emporio Armani Sneaker Buying Guide

Emporio Armani offers a casual approach to everyday style by designing sneakers that can easily transition from day to night. Running from a meeting at the office to happy hour with friends, getting ready for the day has never been easier in these premium made, contemporary shoes. Giorgio Armani’s more accessible diffusion-line takes its iconic style and developed sneakers that highlight the brand’s signature logo in various high-top and low-top styles in a wide assortment of colors to choose from: white, grey, navy, black, with pops of bright colors like red and orange. Ahead, we’ll help you decide on the best style for you, find the right size, and give valuable tips on how to care for your Emporio Armani sneakers. 

The Most Wanted Men’s Emporio Armani Sneakers

  • Emporio Armani High Top Sneakers

    Emporio Armani’s high top sneakers exude a casual cool look. Ribbed quilted detailing, high-tops with techno-fabric sock qualities that hug the ankle, laced up looks, zip closures, and iconic logo branding with subtle details and the not-so-subtle pops of color make this an easy stamp of approval by Emporio Armani fans.

  • Emporio Armani Runner Sneakers

    You’ll find a twist on the brand’s typical sharp tailoring methods when you see Emporio Armani running sneakers. Impeccably designed modern sneakers like the Ea7 Knit Sneaker, mesh sneakers, Zarks Runner sn94, and logo flaunting styles will get you motivated to move in style. 

  • Emporio Armani White Leather Sneakers

    The white sneaker trend is here to stay, and Emporio Armani has designed an elegant contemporary assortment for the perfect off-duty go-to sneaker. Easy slip-ons with front logo bands, iconic low-tops with chunky soles, two-tone pop of color on the white leather foundation, quirky deer cartoon space patchwork on white, and classic perforated leather sneakers create a good mix to start your ensemble.

The Men’s Emporio Armani Sneakers Sizing Guide

Unsure of your size? Emporio Armani sneakers run as European sizes. The chart below can be used as a reference to compare your size to the EU sizing. For example, you’ll see on the chart that if you are a US size 9-9.5, you should be 42-42.5 in EU size. 

International sizeUS sizeEuropean sizeUK sizeJapanese size (cm)
XXS3 - 6.536 - 39.52 - 5.521 - 24.5
XS7 - 7.540 - 40.56 - 6.525 - 25.5
S8 - 8.541 - 41.57 - 7.526 - 26.5
M9 - 9.542 - 42.58 - 8.527 - 27.5
L10 - 10.543 - 43.59 - 9.528 - 28.5
XL11 - 11.544 - 44.510 - 10.529 - 29.5
XXL12 - 12.545 - 45.511 - 11.530 - 30.5
XXXL13 - 1646 - 4912 - 1531 - 34

How To Care For Your Emporio Armani Sneakers

After putting your Emporio Armani sneakers to use, you’ll need to periodically clean them to maintain their newness and fresh appeal. Be sure to check the care instructions that will come with your specific pair before moving forward.

• Before wearing your shoes for the first time, we recommend purchasing and using a water and stain repellent on your shoes to protect them from future damage.

• If your shoes are primarily leather, take a clean damp cloth, rinse with soapy water and wipe off any excess dirt from your shoes.

• For suede, use a specialized suede brush to get a deeper clean on your shoes. This will remove ingrained dirt build up to avoid long-term dirt damage and staining.

• You may remove the shoe laces and machine wash for a deep clean. Let them air dry before lacing them back onto the shoes.

• For specific trouble areas on fabric materials, spot clean carefully with a trusted stain remover.


What is the difference between Armani and Emporio Armani?

Giorgio Armani is renowned for its high-end luxury designs and costly price tag that goes with it. The world renowned fashion designer brand created Emporio Armani to make the brand more accessible to a typically younger audience than the Giorgio Armani line. Although it is considered a diffusion line, Emporio Armani still designs and creates products that are premium quality with impeccable detailing.

How do I know if my Emporio Armani shoes are authentic?

In order to ensure your product is authentic, Emporio Armani started using Certilogo, a system to enable you to check an item for authenticity before making a purchase. In every official Emporio Armani item that has been purchased from the Fall Winter 2018-2019 season and onward there is a scannable QR code in the care label, or you can choose to follow the link provided for verification. It’s a quick and easy process.

What is Emporio Armani’s stance on sustainability practices?

The Armani Group acknowledges the importance of taking strides to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable. They’ve been working on a company wide initiative that aligns with today’s leading international guidelines and principles that are in relation to economic sustainability, along with environmental and social responsibilities. This starts with the sourcing, and stretches through every aspect of creation from tech solutions, to how people are treated, and finalization of creating a product.