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Fossil Wrist Watch - Multicolour
Wrist Watch - Multicolour
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Fossil Wrist Watch - Multicolour
Wrist Watch - Multicolour
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Fossil Wrist Watch - Multicolour
Wrist Watch - Multicolour
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Fossil Watch Fs5770 - Brown
Watch Fs5770 - Brown
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Add to your watch collection with a timepiece from American brand Fossil. Specialising in authentic vintage style with a modern twist, look to classic chronograph watches such as the sporty Decker, the Nate with bold, rugged styling and the oversized, square-faced Machine, each presented in a collectable, signature Fossil tin.

The Fossil Watches Buying Guide

Fossil takes vintage styles and adds a modern twist for today’s man on the go. The Texas-based brand has become globally renowned for being the ultimate go-to watchmaker since its founding in 1984. Between its timeless design and versatile styles, there is a Fossil watch for you. Chronograph and multifunction features can be found with leather band and bracelet options in all colors. With such a wide assortment, we’re here to help you narrow down the perfect style for you, find your size, and give tips on how to care for your Fossil watch.

The Most Wanted Men’s Fossil Watches

  • Fossil Grant Watches

    Fossil Grant watches are equipped with a stainless steel band and a scratch-resistant mineral crystal dial to ensure longevity. Contrasting color options make for an easy day-to-night style. Available in a wide selection of colors and bands, we recommend adding this most wanted style to your everyday look. 

  • Fossil Hybrid Smartwatches

    If you need to stay connected, consider the Hybrid Smartwatch to be your new go-to resource. All you have to do is put it on, and the rest of the time you’ll be notified of texts, emails, social media, and more as you wish. With its Bluetooth technology, having this watch is like having a smartphone without the fear of dropping it or balancing it all the time. Available in a wide selection of bands and dial colorways.

  • Fossil Minimalist Watches

    Simplicity at its finest, this watch serves its duty as your timepiece while remaining stylish in minimalist form. Fossil’s Minimalist Watch is slim, and has a two-hand and three-hand functionality, depending on the style you choose. Additional features include being water resistant up to 165 feet, and a scratch-resistant mineral crystal dial.

How To Care For Your Fossil Watch

To maintain the quality of your Fossil watch, we recommend cleaning your watch periodically. Take a soft toothbrush and rinse it in soapy water. Then, take the soapy toothbrush and gently scrub the bracelet clean. Take a soft cloth and wipe the dial, and wipe the bracelet off as well. Let the band air dry completely before wearing it again.

All Fossil watches will specify the level of water resistance your model is. Be sure to check this before use so you do not put your watch at risk of water damage.


Are Fossil watches worth purchasing?

Yes! Fossil is best known for their timeless designs and quality materials when it comes to their brand of watches. Watches came first for them, and then eventually they expanded their branding to cover apparel, accessories, bags, jewelry and more. Not only are their products high quality, but their customer service is also very accommodating when it comes to watch repairs, which makes for an overall positive purchase experience.

What is the typical lifespan of a Fossil watch battery?

The average Fossil watch battery has a lifespan of about 2 years. If you purchase a Hybrid Smartwatch, the average battery life is 5-12 months. Replacing your battery is a simple process if you bring it to a professional. You can bring it into any Fossil store for a quick repair. We recommend calling ahead to make sure they have your model’s specific battery available at that time. If a Fossil store isn’t conveniently near where you live, you can bring it into a local jeweler for replacements. 

Where are Fossil watches manufactured?

Fossil watches has offices and facilities all over the world. Design is done in Switzerland, and production is primarily factories based in China. The manufacturing process is overseen by Fossil employees to maintain and ensure the brand is always living up to their high quality standards on every level. The brand has distribution centers in Dallas, Germany, and Asia.