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Givenchy backpacks make carrying your essentials look like a style statement rather than a necessity. The dark and edgy designs use perforated leather, soft suede and printed canvas to create bags that will look good no matter whether you use them for your daily commute or weekends away. Each style comes with padded shoulder straps too, so matter what you choose to carry you can do it with ease.

The Men’s Givenchy Backpacks Buying Guide

French fashion powerhouse Givenchy is here to make sure you have your busy lifestyle in line when you wear one of the brand’s signature backpacks. The LVMH brand has designed a wide variety of backpacks to suit the modern man’s style. Made of premium materials and top-notch design techniques, you can rely on Givenchy backpacks as an excellent investment to add to your carryall collection. Some of the notable designs include leather-trimmed nylon carry-alls, glow-in-the-dark nylon, Rottweiler head printed designs, logomania driven designs, Parisian heritage influence, colorblock, black rainbow holograms, one-shoulder strap, top handles, two-tone logo straps, and more. As you scroll through the brand’s backpack edit, you’ll see a large assortment of designs that will meet whatever your backpack needs are. Ahead, take a look at our Givenchy backpack buying guide, which will help you narrow down the styles that work best for you and valuable tips on how to care for them.

The Most Wanted Men’s Givenchy Backpacks

  • Givenchy Colorblock Backpacks

    If you’re trying to break out of the simple monochrome direction, we recommend going for one of the most sought after designs: Givenchy colorblock backpacks. Available in combinations of black, white, and red, this modern twist on a classic will help you stand out from the pack. Some of the styles include the Glow-in-the-Dark Nylon Backpack, Colourblock Backpack, Men’s Light 3-Colorblock Nylon Backpack, and the Men’s Mc3 Colorblock leather backpack. 

  • Givenchy Logo Backpacks

    The menswear collection of Givenchy backpacks have many versions boasting the brand’s namesake logo. Parisian architectural elements embellish these styles in every shape and form. Whether you want a logo placed straight across the bag, diagonally, or down a logo-strap that clips the bag into place, fans of the logomania trend will go crazy over these styles. The logo inspired backpacks come with top handles, one-shoulder and duel-shoulder strap options. 

  • Givenchy Two-Tone Logo Strap Backpacks

    Another logomania-centric style, Givenchy added a simple component that has the fashion elite wanting more. The Light 3 Backpack design that comes in many variations as an example of the two- tone logo backpack. The design has a two-tone logo strap closure on the front of the bag that onlookers can see, in addition to 2 straps that easily fit over your shoulders. These straps also have the Givenchy logo. You can find this backpack in many color variations and in materials like nylon, calf leather, polyamide, faux leather, acrylic, and others. Most are equipped with an additional top handle for versatility.

How To Care For Your Givenchy Backpack

Once you purchase a Givenchy backpack, you’ll be taking it everywhere you go. Here are some valuable tips on how to take proper care of your backpack to ensure its longevity.

• When your backpack is not in use, be sure to carefully store it in a dry, cool-temperature environment.

• Avoid storing it in direct sunlight, artificial light, and heat to prevent your backpack material from becoming damaged. Overexposure to light can damage the material’s coloring and lifespan.

• To clean coated canvas materials and nylon, we recommend carefully spot cleaning. Take a clean cloth and place it in soapy water. Wring out excess water and specifically rub the problem area to try to remove potential stains. Let the affected area naturally air dry.


Is Givenchy worth the investment?

Yes! Givenchy is a part of the LVMH brand portfolio. It stands beside the likes of iconic brands such as Kenzo, Celine, Christian Dior, Marc Jacobs and FENTY, to name a few. To be associated and a part of such a highly regarded fashion powerhouse gives Givenchy a certain status, and should give shoppers the confidence that their product is made of premium materials and well thought out design aesthetic. You can often find Givenchy’s elegant and sophisticated designs in art and fashion museum exhibits. 

Have any notable celebrities worn Givenchy?

Yes! Audrey Hepburn famously wore a little black dress by Givenchy on the set of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Meghan Markle’s wedding dress was designed by Givenchy’s designer Clare Waight Keller for her wedding to Prince Harry. The brand is also constantly seen on celebrities at red carpet events. Some of these celebrities include Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Sarah Jessica Parker, the Kardashians, and more. The list is always growing. 

How do I know the size of the backpack I want to purchase if they all come with one-size option to choose from?

When you are browsing through various backpack styles, the retailer will have the bag dimensions listed in the description to give you a better understanding of the size. If there is a model in the photos, it is another way to get a better idea of the size of the Givenchy backpack. Most of the backpack straps are adjustable.