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Despite its age, Lacoste has always had its finger on the pulse of modern day youth. Always changing with the times and being fashionably relevant is why the brand is beloved by each new generation. Although Lacoste is a lifestyle fashion house, the most cherished apparel piece in the brand is T-shirts. Lacoste hit a hole in one when it debuted in 1933 producing high-end simplistic polo T-shirts displaying the iconic crocodile logo. The heritage piece is still produced today, but going along with its successful recipe, Lacoste offers plenty of intriguing graphic T-shirts perfect for adolescents.

The Lacoste T-Shirts Buying Guide

Founded in 1933, Lacoste is one of the most popular and well-known designer brands of all time. Despite being founded over 80 years ago, the label continuously creates classic designs with contemporary and fashion-forward twists. One of the most popular garments that are produced across the whole brand is T-shirts. From sporty crew necks to the iconic polo shirts, Lacoste produces a remarkable and vast selection of simple yet timeless t-shirts, all featuring the brand’s famous crocodile logo. Ahead, take a look at our Lacoste men’s t-shirts buying guide, which will help you narrow down which styles work best for you.

The Most Wanted Lacoste T-Shirts

  • Lacoste Polo Shirts

    The most popular design within the men’s T-shirt collection is the polo shirt. Now seen as iconic, it comes in a variety of colors, from light pink to dark blue. The design is also available in color block designs, so if you want to have a selection of color on your shirt, you can. Lacoste produces its polo shirts in either 100% cotton, or its signature and exclusive material Petit Piqué, both of which are durable and have a sleek finish to them. 

  • Lacoste Crew-Neck T-Shirts

    Lacoste produces a large array of differently designed crew-neck T-shirts, and all have something a little bit individual to them. Crew neck T-shirts are the perfect everyday T-shirt and are available in several colors, including blue, navy, black, pink, yellow and grey. Lacoste’s crew-neck T-shirts are simple, yet show a sophisticated edge due to luxury design and expertly crafted finish. Some of the Crew neck T-shirts feature the Lacoste logo and crocodile printed on the front of the shirt. The majority of all crew-neck T-shirts are 100% cotton, meaning they are durable, comfortable to wear and can also be washed in a washing machine at home, so there’s no hassle.   

  • Lacoste X Golf le Fleur T-Shirts

    Released in 2019, the Lacoste X Golf le Fleur collaboration saw Lacoste join forces with Tyler the Creator. Made from either Petit Piqué or cotton, and featuring a color block design, as well as a co-branded patch, polo shirts were the most popular pieces from the collection. 

Lacoste Sizing Guide

Lacoste has both alpha and numeric sizing. Have a look at the sizing guide below and match your measurements up to the size that will fit you in Lacoste clothing.

For example, if you have a chest size of between 39.5 - 41 inches, you will need to choose a size M or size 4 Lacoste T-shirt.

Lacoste Size23456789
Chest Size (IN)3839.54143.545.5485052.5
Chest Size (CM)96100104110116122128134
What is Petit Pique fabric?

Petit Pique was created by Rene Lacoste, the founder of the brand. It is made from finely woven mesh. It’s unique to Lacoste. The material offers great comfort but looks a little more formal than other materials like cotton. 

Do Lacoste T-shirts run big or small?

Lacoste fits true to size; therefore, the T-shirts shouldn’t run big or small, providing you purchased the correct size. If you’re unsure about which size to purchase, take a look at the sizing guide. 

How do I know my Lacoste T-shirt is genuine?

The Lacoste T-shirt you order will arrive in Lacoste packaging and you should be able to see the expert sewing and tell that the material is high quality. The Lacoste crocodile logo should be on the left side of the T-shirt and should be green on a white background. If you are concerned about the authenticity of your Lacoste T-shirt, you can contact customer services at Lacoste.