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Paul Smith Trainers - White
Paul Smith
Trainers - White
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Paul Smith Leather Trainers 7 - White
Paul Smith
Leather Trainers 7 - White
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Il Duomo Novara
Paul Smith Trainers - Pink
Paul Smith
Trainers - Pink
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Paul Smith Beck Trainers - White
Paul Smith
Beck Trainers - White
£307.22£233(20% off)
Carola Zeta
Paul Smith Trainers - Green
Paul Smith
Trainers - Green
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Paul Smith Gordon Trainers - Grey
Paul Smith
Gordon Trainers - Grey
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The Clutcher
Paul Smith Lowe Shoes Black
Paul Smith
Lowe Shoes Black
£150£115(20% off)
Paul Smith Beck Trainers - White
Paul Smith
Beck Trainers - White
Eleonora Bonucci

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The iconic British designer Paul Smith is consistently at the forefront of British and international fashion, know for a hallmark look that blends traditional designs with contemporary styles. A sense of humor infuses all of his collections, and translates into clashing colours and vivid prints. His collection of men's trainers is a perfect reflection of his signature design aesthetic. Classic running shoe styles are given a chic overhaul, recreated in statement prints, pops of bright colours and sleek embellishments for a distinctive look that is undeniably Paul Smith. When you're shopping for a new pair of trainers, Paul Smith's are a must.

The Paul Smith Sneakers Buying Guide

A cult British staple on account of their sleek designs and fashion-forward concepts, Paul Smith sneakers are loved for their whimsical flourishes, humorous undertones, and refined aesthetic. The brand's sneakers often offer statement motifs or bright colorways, with everything from multicolored stripes to the zebra detail making Paul Smith shoes instantly recognizable. Ahead, take a look at our men's Paul Smith sneakers to narrow down your perfect pick, alongside making sure you buy the right size.

The Most Wanted Men's Paul Smith Sneakers

  • Paul Smith Ivo Sneakers

    Coming in stark white or jet black premium Nappa calf leather, the Paul Smith Ivo is the quintessential British luxury sneaker. Featuring a thick sole, Nappa leather footbeds, and eye-catching multicolor 'Bright Stripes', this style blends sleek simplicity with a distinctive edge. It comes complete with a foil-embossed heel logo and gold top eyelets.

  • Paul Smith Rappid Sneakers

    Crafted from 100% recycled nylon-mesh and featuring understated block colorways, the Paul Smith Rappid sneaker is an eco-friendly choice. With its colorful heel detail, partially-knitted upper, and flexible-focused design, the Rappid is lightweight, comfortable, and on-trend. An embossed PS Paul Smith logo adds the finishing touch. 

  • Paul Smith Basso Sneakers

    Made in Italy, the Basso is a premium fine-grain leather sneaker that's loved for its sleek-effect outer, quirky sketches and doodle-covered insole. With white rubber soles contrasting light or dark leather, the Basso also includes the glossy 'Beetle' print – adored for its edgy finish and fun feel. A padded, signature-embossed leather tongue accentuates the high-end feel.

The Men's Paul Smith Sneakers Sizing Guide

Paul Smith sneakers can sometimes come up large, so you may want to order a size down from your usual size. To make sure you purchase the right fit, you can also make the most of our size chart by converting Paul Smith’s UK sizing into European or US sizes.

The correct way to fit the sneaker is to use what's called a "ball and heel" fit, meaning that the wide part of the foot fits in the wide part of the shoe. Bear in mind that the shoe's length has virtually no bearing on the fit. What's key, is the fit across the foot as this is what keeps the foot in place. 


How To Care For Your Paul Smith Sneakers

Taking good care of your sneakers is the best way to make sure your investment lasts. How to care for your sneakers can vary depending on the footwear's material, although you can follow these guidelines to help keep your sneakers at their best.

• Leather sneakers can benefit from beeswax polish – this helps in maintaining the moisture levels and overall appearance. When using beeswax polish, it's best to work in circular motions using a soft, dry, and clean cloth.

• Sturdy materials such as canvas benefit from brushing, and you can use bristle brushes or even a soft toothbrush.

• Suede sneakers are best cared for using a specialist suede cleaner.

• For general maintenance, we recommend airing your sneakers well between use. Keeping your sneakers odor free can also be helped by placing dryer sheets inside the sneakers overnight.


Are Paul Smith sneakers worth the price?

Paul Smith sneakers are definitely an investment. The brand only crafts its footwear from premium leathers, quality canvas, or other fine materials, prioritizing durability alongside your comfort. Designed to last, Paul Smith sneakers are loved not only for their trendy aesthetic, but also for the fact that they'll outlive other brands.

Where are Paul Smith sneakers made?

Where the brand’s sneakers are made depends on the style you buy. While some Paul Smith sneakers, such as the Sotto or Basso are made in Italy, other models can be manufactured elsewhere in the world. Regardless, your shoe will always match up to the Paul Smith's impeccable standards.

How do Paul Smith sneakers fit?

Paul Smith sneakers should feel snug – not too loose and not too tight. Your feet should feel like they can move inside the shoe, although not too much. Sneakers tend not to need much breaking in, although for leather models, you may find that they're most comfortable after having been worn a few times. Always make sure you're wearing the right size, with our handy size guide being ideal for ordering Paul Smith sneakers online.