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The Men’s Prada Shirts Buying Guide

Prada, founded in Milan in 1913, is one of the world’s most famous luxury brands. The brand was started as a luxury leather goods brand, but was reinvented in 1978 and started to produce ready-to-wear collections for both men and women in the mid-90s. As soon as Prada showcased these new collections, the world fell in love. Prada prides itself on creating utterly timeless, elegant pieces of luxury clothing. The men’s shirts that Prada design and create all radiate a high-quality, fashion-conscious, chic feel. The brand produces so many differently designed shirts, from formal long-sleeve designs to jewel embellished loose-fitting designs, so there’s a Prada shirt to fit every man and every occasion.

Ahead, take a look at our Prada men’s shirts buying guide, which will present some of the most wanted and most popular Prada men’s shirts, along with a care guide and a sizing guide. The most frequently asked questions are also answered.

The Most Wanted Prada Shirts

  • Prada Black Nylon Gabardine Shirt

    The Prada Black Nylon Gabardine shirt is a simplistic, minimalistic designed shirt that’s an excellent wardrobe staple. This shirt is so versatile and can be used perfectly in conjunction with pretty much any other garment, due to the subtlety of it. The shirt features a loose-fit, an open spread collar and a press-stud closure at the front. The stitching on this shirt has been expertly done, leaving the shirt to look seamless. The shirt also features a patch pocket on the chest of the shirt with a plaque that shows the Prada logo. Also, a satin lining is used on the shirt to ensure the feeling on the wearer’s skin is silky and comfortable at all times.

  • Prada Blue Crystal Bowling Shirt

    The Prada Blue Crystal Bowling shirt is one of the most valuable and most desirable shirts that Prada produces. The shirt is a masterpiece. The light blue color of the 100% cotton shirt is a beautiful, vibrant color and with the addition of crystals, resembles the sky. The shirt features crystals in floral graphic appliqués all over the shirt. The fit of the shirt is a classic bowling shirt fit – straight lines and loose-fitting. The shirt also features an open spread collar, silver-tone buttons down the front of the shirt and pockets on the chest. The Prada Blue Crystal Bowling shirt is undeniably a showstopping luxury garment that is guaranteed to make any man who wears it look chic.

  • Prada Patchwork Button-front Shirt

    The Patchwork Button-front shirt is a perfect representation of the contemporary style Prada produces. The shirt’s design takes inspiration from vintage patchwork shirts, but contemporary touches have been added to ensure the shirt fits with current trends and has a youthful look. The shirt is multicolored in a patchwork design, featuring blue and white stripes, light green, yellow and black. The shirt also features a pointed collar, buttons down the front of the shirt and long sleeves. The shirt is made from 100% cotton, meaning it has a soft and flawless finish as well as being comfortable and durable. This is the perfect shirt for everyday wear and occasionwear – it shows that you have a contemporary taste with vintage flair.

The Prada Shirt Sizing Guide

Prada sizes its garments with Italian/European sizing. To convert a US or UK size to the Prada sizing, take a look at the size guide below. For example, if you are a US size 15, you will need to purchase a Prada shirt in a size 38.

Formal Shirts

4015 3/440112,510090,9

Casual Shirts

XS14 - 14,537,5106,5106,586,5
S15 - 15,539111,6111,688,5
M15 3/4 - 1640116,6116,690
L16 1/2 - 1741121,6121,691,75
XL17 1/2 - 17 3/442,5126,6126,693,5

How To Care For Your Prada Shirt

The majority of Prada shirts need to be hand washed or professionally dry cleaned. Never machine wash or tumble dry a Prada shirt unless specifically said on the care label. 


Where are Prada shirts made?

Around 20% of Prada’s collections are made in China. A large percentage of the rest of all collections are made in Vietnam, Turkey, and Romania. However, the more intricately designed Prada shirts are made in Italy.

Are Prada shirts true to size?

Prada sizing is European or Italian sizing. As long as you purchase the correct size shirt, all shirts are true to size. Check the size guide before ordering a Prada shirt to ensure that you have converted your size properly and it will fit.

Do Prada shirts last a long time?

As long as Prada shirts are looked after properly, they should last a lifetime because they are made from high quality and durable materials like cotton.