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Rick Owens Low Trainers - Black
Rick Owens
Low Trainers - Black
Eleonora Bonucci
Rick Owens Trainers - Multicolour
Rick Owens
Trainers - Multicolour
£430£387(10% off)
Rick Owens Trainers - Black
Rick Owens
Trainers - Black
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Rick Owens Low Trainers - Black
Rick Owens
Low Trainers - Black
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Rick Owens Vintage Low-top Trainers - Black
Rick Owens
Vintage Low-top Trainers - Black
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Rick Owens Performa Low Trainers - White
Rick Owens
Performa Low Trainers - White
£710.82£385(45% off)

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Don't get us wrong: minimal white trainers have a time and place in every wardrobe, but we're partial to wearing Rick Owens trainers whenever possible. They're comfy, they're cool and directional (we're talking chunky rubber soles and seriously oversized tongues). These statement low and high-tops subverts any expectations of what trainers should be. The Geobasket and Techbasket silhouettes are the brand's most iconic styles, and should be worn with drop-crotch sweatpants or skinny jeans.

The Rick Owens Sneakers Buying Guide

Rick Owens sneakers have a place in every closet and it’s easy to see why. Comfort and style marry perfectly — we’re talking chunky rubber soles, seriously oversized tongues and padded insoles. Combine this with classic leather and canvas uppers and you’ve got a paired back but oh-so-stylish finish. Statement low and high-tops subvert expectations of what sneakers should be, with designs like the Geobasket and Techbasket boasting the accolade of the brand's most iconic styles. Whether going for neon, metallic or monochrome finishes, these sneakers are casual must-haves and are the ideal statement-making finish when paired with drop-crotch sweatpants or skinny jeans.

The Most Wanted Rick Owens Sneakers

  • Rick Owens Geobasket Sneakers

    There’s a lot to love about these sneakers and we’ll start with the silhouette. High-top panelling, oversized, padded tongues, lace-up fronts and a side zipper. And did we mention the sole? Signature treads and chunky for a relaxed finish. These must-have sneakers are available in a variety of colors including classic black, monochrome, gray and red. Geobasket sneakers are available in a range of uppers but the most popular are calf leather, inside and out.   

  • Rick Owens DRKSHDW High-Top Sneakers

    Classic baseball style high-tops get a fresh update with a range of different style uppers including coated canvas and leather and shearling. These must-have designs boast all the things we love about Rick Owens sneakers, think exaggerated, oversized tongues, shark-tooth rubber soles and taped logos to the heel. 

  • Rick Owens DRKSHDW Neoprene Runner

    We can’t help but love these sneakers with their decidedly sporty silhouette and classic Rick Owens detailing. The sock-like neoprene upper offers comfort, while the angled heel and shark-tooth rubber sole make them look a little different compared to your normal sneakers. 

The Rick Owens Sneakers Sizing Guide

Despite the oversized aesthetic, men’s Rick Owens sneakers run true to size, with sizes ranging from UK size 4 up to UK size 12.

Based on the UK sizing chart below, if you are a UK men’s 8, it correlates to a US size 9 and a European size 42.

UK Size456789101112

How To Care For Your Rick Owens Sneakers

Caring for your Rick Owens sneakers will depend on the type of sneakers you have purchased and what they are made of.

Leather and Suede

Those with leather uppers can be cleaned using warm water and a stiff bristle brush. For suede or nubuck leather, dirt should be removed using a suede brush to ensure the upper stays looking its best. Treat uppers with a leather or suede protector to keep them looking their best no matter the elements.

Distressed Designs

Some designs, such as the Black Bluejay Geobasket High-top sneakers, are pre-distressed with loose thread detailing so extra care will need to be given when cleaning and using a leather protector.

Contact with liquids may cause staining and discoloration, whilst prolonged exposure to light may cause fading. For styles with laces, these may need to be replaced after a time to extend wear.

Your sneakers are made from materials designed to last but take care to look after them properly to ensure a long life where they look their best.


What are the different styles of Rick Owens sneakers?

There are many different designs of Rick Owens Sneakers including DRKSHDW, Ramone, Geobasket and Larry.

DRKSHDW sneakers are designed to have a streetwear aesthetic married with a grunge and goth feel. The muted hues and hard-wearing material such as leather and coated canvas mean these sneakers are designed for longevity.

Ramones have a silhouette which is similar to Converse but with a toe cap made of leather rather than rubber. These styles are available in both hi-top and low-top and feature a signature vulcanized rubber sole.

For something a little different, check out the brand's Tectuatl Maximal Runner Sneakers with eye-catching lace detailing all across the front.

What colors do Rick Owens sneakers come in?

Because of the goth aesthetic, Rick Owens sneakers primarily are available in darker hues. Grays, blacks and monochrome styles are in abundance with distressed detailing adding interest.

There are a few lines which include options for adding color including Geobaskets in subtle reds and understated greens.

If you’re looking to go bright, check out the Tecuatl Geobasket sneakers which come in an iridescent pink hue and complemented with bold yellow panelling. If you want a pop of color but don’t want to go all out, check out the Tecuatl Maximal Tractor sneakers which come with rubber soles in red, orange and more.  

Are men’s Rick Owens sneakers made from leather?

Rick Owens sneakers come in a wide variety of styles and some are crafted with leather uppers such as Geobasket Hi and Low-top sneakers. Other styles like the Rick Owens + Veja Rubber-Trimmed V-Knit Sneakers have a knitted fabric upper. Some, including certain styles of DRKSHDW runners, have coated canvas uppers.