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Inspired by street art and his Miami upbringing, designer David Ben David founded Sprayground in 2010. The New York-based label has quickly become known for its edgy, expressive backpack creations, melding construction and functionality with wild, artistic prints and a cool, quirky sense of humor. Bring a fun twist to your every outfit with this range of men's Sprayground backpacks. Expect loud colors, 3D textures and evocative photo prints, adding instant attitude to any off-duty closet.

The Sprayground Backpacks Buying Guide

Disruptive, edgy, and creative, Sprayground backpacks have been taking the fashion world by storm since 2010. The brand's extensive range of quirky, statement, or humorous backpacks is seeing Sprayground shake up streetwear culture, be it with the label's newest collaborations or the street art and Miami themes that form its signature motifs. Ahead, take a look at our men's Sprayground backpack buying guide to narrow down your perfect pick. We've also included a care guide to ensure you know everything about looking after your Sprayground backpack.

The Most Wanted Men's Sprayground Backpacks

  • Sprayground Sharks In Paris Backpack

    One of Sprayground's most iconic models, the Sharks In Paris Backpack is the sleek must-have featuring checkered dark tones offsetting the brand's statement loud finish. The black, white, and red shark jaws are instantly recognizable as one of Sprayground's signature themes, although this backpack is as functional as it is modish. It has internal and external pockets, security-conscious nylon zippers, and handy adjustable straps. Laptop, tablet, and sunglasses compartments are practical, and the ergonomic mesh padding keeps your comfort in mind.

  • Sprayground Metallic Gold Sequin Shark Backpack

    Add a statement edge to your accessories line-up with the Metallic Liquid Gold Backpack. Covered in reflective gold sequins and featuring Sprayground's signature shark motif, this backpack will make you stand out from the crowd from its fabrics alone. The shark graphic changes color based on the sequins being brushed up or down, resulting in a gold-on-black or black-on-gold look. You can also rely on the backpack's comfortable, adjustable straps and a variety of functional compartments for all your storage needs.

  • Sprayground Anarchy Printed Backpack

    Embrace your inner rebel with the Men's Anarchy Printed Backpack. Featuring edgy marbled print and a statement "POLICE" logo, this backpack flies the flag for anarchist culture with its graffiti finish and industrial feel. The Men's Anarchy Printed Backpack also comes complete with a front zip pocket, two side compartments, and two internal compartments. The top zip closure is handy, as are the adjustable straps.

How To Care For Your Sprayground Backpack

Take good care of your backpack, and it will look and feel brand new in years to come. Care instructions vary depending on the backpack's material. For example, 100% PVC backpacks require a simple wipe down with a clean and non-abrasive sponge and a little detergent. Meanwhile, faux-leather backpacks generally require cleaning with mild soap and warm water. For these, and other types of fabrics, a soft dry cloth is usually best, with any wet cloths wrung out before you start wiping the surface. Avoid washing your backpack in the washing machine.

We would recommend always following the care instructions you will find on the label that is stitched in every Sprayground backpack.

Are Sprayground Backpacks Made Of Leather?

The Sprayground range comes in a range of materials, from polyester with terry cloth to PVC. While the Hidden Stash backpack is made from durable vegan leather, most leather-like backpacks are made from faux leather.

What Themes Do Sprayback Backpacks Come In?

The brand's main four themes are Shark Mouth, Money, Checkered, and Camo (the latter doesn't offer backpacks). The Shark Mouth theme spans models including Sharks In Paris and Billboard Shark, while the Money theme includes popular styles such as the Money Bands backpack. The Checkered range offers the eye-catching checkered motif, although the Angels In Paris combines both this and the iconic Shark design. 

Are Sprayground Backpacks Smell Proof Or Waterproof?

The Transporter models (including the Transporter 2.0) are smell proof, however the feature doesn't necessarily extend to all Sprayback backpacks. Some of the Sprayback range is waterproof. Models offering this feature include the Queen Slime made of water-resistant fabric and durable vegan leather, plus the Lion Camo made of Poly water-resistant fabric.