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Lend your look a bold hit of style with this selection of men's Supreme t-shirts. Boasting grunge-inspired styling and often controversial messaging, this short and long-sleeved t-shirt range is awash with signature graphic-print designs and logo detailing. Available in a variety of bold shades, this collection of men's Supreme t-shirts can't fail to re-boot your seasonal style. Scroll down to shop.

The Supreme T-Shirts Buying Guide

Supreme, born out of the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan in 1994, started its life as a limited run skateboarding brand, focusing on skate culture and accessories. Supreme has exponentially grown in popularity within the streetwear culture culminating in queues around city blocks for its latest ‘drops’ and collaborations with the likes of Louis Vuitton, Nike, The North Face and many more. With bold yet reserved designs, a Supreme T-shirt is a must for any collection. Ahead, take a look at our men's Supreme T-shirts buying guide, which will help you discover one of the many styles that work for you along with a sizing and care guide.

The Most Wanted Men's Supreme T-Shirts

  • Supreme Baseball Jersey

    Nothing is quite like finally getting your hands on a Supreme baseball jersey, from the Nike collaboration, where the Jersey is constructed of the finest Italian leather and features a bold supreme logo on the backside and the classic Nike tick on the front. Another stand out Supreme Jersey is their collaboration with Louis Vuitton, which features an exclusive Supreme x Louis Vuitton monogram print on the finest denim. Supremes baseball jerseys are a standout piece for any look. 

  • Supreme Classic Box Logo T-Shirt

    A box logo is possibly the most coveted item for anyone that follows a streetwear style, with a limited release per season and multiple collaborations throughout the year, they have become one of the rarest and most fashionable items that Supreme sells. Featuring the Supreme box logo on the front of the t-shirt and multiple colorways available, it is a simple but bold look for everyday wear. 

  • Supreme Collaboration Photo-Print T-Shirts

    Supreme has created a t-shirt that can really show what you’re about, with collaborations from the likes of Mike Tyson, Kate Moss and Nas there is something for everyone. Each season brings with it a new photo-print t-shirt, so plenty of choice from over the years. All the t-shirts being made of 100% soft cotton-blend for optimum comfort. 

The Men’s Supreme T-Shirt Sizing Guide

Supreme T-shirts range in size from small to extra large. You can use the below sizing chart to convert your chest size into the brand’s sizing.

For example, if you have a 38-inch chest, Supreme would recommend an XL T-shirt. Please check the sizing guides for collaboration items, as they may differ from Supreme’s standard sizing.


How To Care For Your Supreme T-Shirt

Supreme is a quality brand, all Supreme garments should last a long time ensuring that they are looked after appropriately. The vast majority of Supreme men’s T-shirts are made from 100% pure cotton for a soft and comfortable feel, therefore should be turned inside out to protect the print before washing and used with a gentle detergent on a delicate cycle.

Supreme cotton T-shirts should never be tumble dried, always air dry to ensure no shrinkage occurs. This ensures the look and feel of the garment stays of good quality. We always recommend that before washing any garment, check the label on the interior of each piece and read the care instructions. 


Why Does Supreme Only Do Limited Release Runs?

Supreme pride themselves in the exclusivity of the items that they sell along with the fact they never re-release items, with the exception of the Supreme box logo t-shirt where some colors are re-released after a decade or so. This does cause a lot of completion around the more popular items, with online queuing waiting for stock. 

How Can You Tell That Your Supreme T-shirt Is Real?

The first place to look is along with the stitching of the neckline, if there is no stitching visible then chances are that the item is a genuine Supreme t-shirt. Also on the neck tag, there should be a single stitch running down each of the two edges. 

What Are Supreme T-Shirts Made Of?

Most Supreme t-shirts are constructed of 100 percent cotton, with the standard t-shirt being on average twice as thick as competitors' t-shirts. There are some exceptions when it comes to what the items can be constructed of, collaboration items, can feature anything from hand-dyed leather and patterned denim to Nike Dri-fit and The North Face Sherpa fleece.