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Since 1968, The North Face has been outfitting the world's adventure-bound fashion set with durable, high quality and high style apparel. What began as a line of specialist mountain climbing gear has evolved into a holistic lifestyle brand, boasting a range of apparel, accessories, climbing gear and footwear. Durable, high-performance and style-conscious, men's The North Face trainers are an essential piece in any gent's wardrobe. Whether it's chunky high-tops or casual slip-ons, these pieces are your ticket to effortless off-duty cool.

The Men's The North Face Sneakers Buying Guide

The North Face has successfully blended high-performance materials with style-conscious designs. Whether you’re climbing a mountain, strolling down a boulevard or taking a pleasant hike in the countryside, men’s The North Face sneakers allow you to look great and perform at your best. From classic black sneakers to running shoes and sliders, the The North Face collection is as versatile as it is desirable. Every item in the collection is highly durable, high style and high quality. Whether you’re looking for something with long-lasting protective technology or waterproof sneakers, The North Face can deliver. See below for our men’s The North Face sneakers buying guide, where you can learn more about the most wanted sneakers, sizing information and ways you can care for your sneakers.

The Most Wanted Men's The North Face Sneakers

  • The North Face Sestriere Sneakers

    The Sestriere Mid Casual Shoes are multifunctional sneakers that can stand up to any challenge. The sneaker’s extra-light membrane means it’s one of the lightest sneakers made by The North Face. The membrane also makes it highly breathable, so it’s an ideal choice for hikers and runners. The brand’s iconic logo adorns the heel and a removable insole means you can add extra support if required.

  • The North Face Touji Low Sneakers

    Created to have a sock-like fit, the The North Face Touji sneakers combine urban style with advanced engineering and are both incredibly light and comfortable thanks to their cushioned sole. 

  • The North Face Fire Road Sneakers

    As a boot-sneaker hybrid, The North Face's Fire Road sneakers really do have the best of both worlds. Featuring handy pull tabs, layered mesh uppers, comfortable rubber outsoles and the brand's iconic logo in a bright orange hue, these shoes were made to move in the great outdoors. 

The Men's The North Face Sneakers Sizing Guide

We recommend that you use the size chart below to find the appropriate size for your feet. Men’s The North Face sneakers are available in men’s UK sizing, but we have also provided information on US and EU sizing for reference.


How To Care For Your The North Face Sneakers

All The North Face men’s sneakers are made from the finest materials and fabrics. Although they’re designed to withstand tough environments, we recommend that you handle them with care in order to prolong the life of the footwear. If you purchase leather The North Face sneakers like the Back to Berkeley Redux Leather High Rise Boots or the Hedgehog Fastpack Gtx(r), then The North Face recommends that you clean them with warm water, a towel and a brush. You should also allow them to fully dry naturally and never place them too close to a fire or a heater.

For non-leather sneakers like the Touji Low or the B To B CMYK, The North Face recommends cleaning them in warm water with a mild powder detergent. When using detergent to clean your men’s The North Face sneakers, please take extra care in removing all the soapy water. Once clean, you should line dry your sneakers or tumble dry them on very low heat.


What Does The North Face Mean?

The North Face brand is named after the northern face of a mountain, as this is generally considered to be the coldest, iciest and most formidable route to climb in the northern hemisphere. The company was founded in California, and the company’s logo is modelled on the north face of Half Dome Mountain, which sits in Yosemite National Park.

Is The North Face a Luxury Brand?

The North Face is primarily an activewear brand that specializes in outdoor apparel, but they are considered to be luxurious within that field due to the technology behind the designs and the standard of craftsmanship.

Its men’s sneakers offer outstanding performance, and the brand is loved by outdoor enthusiasts who really appreciate the durability and reliability of the sneakers, as well as the comfort of the fit. The company places a special focus on technology, so you can expect premium fabrics and cutting-edge technology in each pair of sneakers.

How Do I Spot Fake The North Face Items?

The North Face takes every possible step to stop people selling counterfeit men’s The North Face sneakers, but unfortunately, some are still in circulation on resale sites. One of the easiest ways to check whether a pair of men’s The North Face sneakers is genuine is to inspect the logo. The North Face sneakers are high-end items where an emphasis is placed on quality, so check for uneven spaces between letters and bad stitching. If you’re still unsure, check the quality of the fabrics. Counterfeits will use much cheaper fabrics that will feel heavier and rougher than the real items.