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Update your closet today with Yeezy. Shop all the latest designer pants in our selection. The variety of styles on offer from Yeezy means there is something for everyone. Look to Yeezy's range of pants for a simple way to lift your outfit. Yeezy's pants will earn a place in your closet for years to come. Once you’ve invested in a cotton item, keeping it looking its best is a must. To keep cotton pants in good condition, proper cleaning and maintenance is key. We would advise checking each individual care label before attempting to clean. Cotton is often chosen for its comfort and durability, but may be prone to shrinking if not cared for properly. We recommend washing at a cool temperature that is no more than 30°C, and then gently reshaping as soon as it comes out of the wash. Before leaving to air dry, gently stretch or shake once washed to get them back into shape. As some cotton fabrics can crease easily, it is best to iron when slightly damp or use an iron with steam. Choose from a wide range of pants in Yeezy's selection. There’s something here for everybody.

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