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Ruslan Baginskiy
Baker Boy Cap - Black
£309 £232 (25% off)
Nugnes 1920
Ruslan Baginskiy
Hat - - Woman - Natural
£319 £239 (25% off)
Nugnes 1920
Ruslan Baginskiy
Hat - - Woman - Multicolour
£346 £260 (25% off)
Nugnes 1920
Ruslan Baginskiy
Hat - - Woman - Black
£455 £341 (25% off)
Nugnes 1920
Ruslan Baginskiy
Logo Bucket Hat - Pink
£204 £153 (25% off)
Ruslan Baginskiy
Cloche - Brown
£218 £164 (25% off)
Nugnes 1920
Ruslan Baginskiy
Leather Beret - Black
£292 £204 (30% off)
Ruslan Baginskiy
Baker Boy Leather Cap - Pink
£340 £238 (30% off)
Ruslan Baginskiy
Oversize Straw Hat - Natural
£399 £279 (30% off)
Ruslan Baginskiy
Overisized Straw Hat - Multicolour
£310 £155 (50% off)
Gaudenzi Boutique
Ruslan Baginskiy
Hats White
£225 £191 (15% off)
Ruslan Baginskiy
Rb Baker Boy Hat - Grey
£159 £135 (15% off)

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Loved by modern day it girls, influencers, models and A-listers, Ruslan Baginskiy creates headwear that’s chic, easy-to-wear and Instagrammable too. Whether it’s a fedora hat, beret or iconic baker boy cap, there’s plenty of styles to choose from in the collection in a wide range of colours and designs.

The Women’s Ruslan Baginskiy Hats Buying Guide

It’s pretty rare that you find a label that has won over so many it-girls as much as Ruslan Baginsky. Since its launch in 2015, the Ukrainian label has taken over the headwear game in one fell swoop with an eclectic range of styles that are full of character. From bucket hats to baker hats, Ruslan Baginsky proves the power that accessories have in bringing a look to life. 

The Most Wanted Ruslan Baginskiy

  • Ruslan Baginskiy Baker Boy Hat

    One of Ruslan Baginsky’s most coveted hat style, the Baker Boy Hat is a serious cool-girl staple. Embroidered with the RB logo, the model is offered in a range of materials and finishes including wool, satin and crystal-embellished cotton.

  • Ruslan Baginskiy Chain Strap Boater Hat

    Style statements are easily made with the Chain Strap Boater Hat from Ruslan Baginsky. The felt construction is adorned with a gold-tone chain that hangs down and a safety-pin feature clipped to the tonal ribbon. 

  • Ruslan Baginskiy Embroidered Bucket Hat

    Ruslan Baginsky’s Embroidered Bucket Hat is a calling card for the Ukrainian brand. Signature red stitching spells out the label’s namesake across the body of the hat while the foundation is offered in a range of materials including ultra-modern nylon with pocket and a houndstooth wool-blend style.

The Ruslan Baginskiy Hats Sizing Guide

Ruslan Baginskiy women’s hats are available in sizes S, M or L.. You can use the size guide below to determine the size you need in Ruslan Baginskiy hats by matching your head circumference in inches with the corresponding Ruslan Baginskiy size.



Where are Ruslan Baginskiy hats made?

Staying true to its roots, the Ruslan Baginsky hat range if expertly crafted in the label’s home country of Ukraine. Led by a Kiev-based millener, the label knows the power of an expertly crafted piece of headwear and is dedicated to ensuring all pieces are made with care.

What materials are used to make Ruslan Baginskiy hats?

The materials used to create Ruslan Baginsky’s hats are one of the label’s main draws - offering off-kilter constructions like patent leather used to form Baker Boy hats and twill to craft bucket hat styles. Other materials used in the range include corduroy, satin, wool felt, straw and suede. 

What are the influences behind Ruslan Baginskiy’s designs?

The label’s founder and designer notes Philip Treacy and Alexander McQueen as key influences for the label’s early designs. Now, Baginsky notes inspiration from anything from nature and animals to Lady Gaga and Beyonce.