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Cat-eye Sunglasses - Black
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Cat-eye Acetate Sunglasses - Multicolour
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MadaLuxe Vault
Sunglasses Acetate - Brown
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Bb0127s - Black
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Bb0132s - Pink
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Founded in 1918 by Spanish couturier, Cristobal Balenciaga, the fashion house has achieved iconic status thanks to its pioneering design and ability to innovate and set, rather than follow, trends. Now under the creative direction of Alexander Wang, this reputation continues, with the designer marrying the classic with the modern in his collections. Balenciaga's signature femininity and sophisticated glamor remains though, and this can be seen in the label's selection of sunglasses. Utilising timeless styles, like cat eyes and aviators, the accessories are given a contemporary update in the detailing. Think contrast-coloured frames and lenses.

The Women's Balenciaga Sunglasses Buying Guide

Famed for its iconic footwear and highly coveted handbags, the Balenciaga house is one that has serious influence in the industry. Said to be “the master of us all” by Christian Dior, and highly endorsed by celebrities everywhere, this luxury French fashion house, originally founded in Spain, is the go-to label for accessories. The women’s Balenciaga sunglasses collection brings to the forefront its pioneering design, setting new trends and offering an inspired alternative to the standard, everyday look. Designed for women who want to be different, this range of eyewear promises to be bold yet feminine, fun yet sophisticated, and glamorous enough for any occasion. See our buying guide below to find the right pair of Balenciaga sunglasses for you. 

The Most Wanted Balenciaga Sunglasses for Women

  • Women's Balenciaga Cat-eye Sunglasses

    The Balenciaga Cat-eye Sunglasses collection takes on the latest eyewear trends. As inspired by the runway, this range includes oversized cat-eye frames, exaggerated cat-eye frames, microshades, and an ode to the retro tortoiseshell. 

  • Women's Balenciaga Rectangle Sunglasses

    The microshade trend is fast becoming a modern classic and the Balenciaga Rectangle Sunglasses range covers all styles in this design story. Expect quality acetate frames, retro prints, sporty sunglasses, ski style sunglasses, and a vast choice of lenses, including colorful mirror lenses. 

  • Women's Balenciaga Tortoise Sunglasses

    The faux tortoise shell has made a comeback in eyewear, and this iconic style can be coveted in the Balenciaga Tortoise Sunglasses collection. Made with durable acetate and stamped with Balenciaga branding, these frames deliver quality and are made to last. 

How To Care For Your Balenciaga Sunglasses

Women’s Balenciaga eyewear is made using high quality materials and is designed to last for a long time. But to prolong the life of your product, be sure to clean and care for it properly.

All lenses on Balenciaga sunglasses are nylon and are crack-resistant. However, they can scratch if not stored or used in the correct way. When traveling with your eyewear, always use a hard case. Avoid wearing your glasses on your head and never place your sunglasses lens-side down on any surface.

To clean your lenses, use a soft microfiber cloth. Never use clothing or tissue as this can cause the lenses to become scratched or damaged. 


Where are Women's Balenciaga sunglasses made?

All eyewear from the Balenciaga brand are crafted in Italy under the strictest quality guidelines. 

Do Balenciaga sunglasses come with a case?

Yes, sunglasses purchased from Balenciaga or an official retail partner will come with a quality hard sunglasses case for storage. They may also come with a branded dust pouch as well as a cleaning cloth. 

How can I authenticate Balenciaga sunglasses?

Genuine eyewear products from Balenciaga are made from quality materials such as acetate, nylon and metal. They should also come with a Balenciaga authenticity card / care booklet. To make sure your sunglasses are authentic, buy them from a reputable retailer, such as the ones featured on Lyst.