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Give your makeup bags collection an instant upgrade with on-trend additions from Calvin Klein. Each piece is crafted with care using materials like leather, and every detail is carefully considered. Calvin Klein is renowned for creating highly wearable, well-made makeup bags. The label is committed to delivering pieces that are not only expertly crafted, but look good and are fully functional, too. The label’s designs come in a range of colours and textures, too. By taking time to care for your leather, you’ll ensure your item stays beautiful for years to come. To extend the lifespan of your leather makeup bags, proper care and maintenance is necessary. We would advise removing surface marks, using a specialist leather cleanser. Depending on the finish of the leather, a mild or saddle soap can then be used alongside a damp cloth.Rub gently into the surface, before wiping away any excess.To further maintain and prolong the leather, treat regularly with a good-quality wax polish. Avoid exposing leather to direct heat sources or humidity. Discover our huge selection of the brand’s makeup bags to find your perfect look.