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COS knows that when it comes to dresses, simple is the best way to go. The brand does minimalism like no other, but what more would you expect from a Scandinavian label? A-line shifts, boxy midis and floaty trapeze dresses are made from crepe, wool and jersey, while the colours are kept mostly neutral and solid. Easy to wear and style, COS dresses are a must for your capsule collection.

The COS Dresses Buying Guide

Founded in 2007, COS is a Scandinavian label that creates and produces elegant and minimalist garments. Especially known for its vast selection of women’s dresses. COS produces From timeless pieces — from a-line cuts to knitted midis — which have a Scandinavian feel and are guaranteed to fit into your closet. Ahead, take a look at our COS dresses buying guide, which will help narrow down the most popular designs from the brand. You’ll also find a handy sizing guide, as well as details on how to care for your COS dresses. 

The Most Wanted COS Dresses

  • COS A-line Dresses

    A-line dresses are always perfect for any season and never go out of style. The team at COS knows this and hence the reason they created a large range of A-line dresses. The A-line dresses created by COS are perfectly in line with the brand's ideology – garments that are simple, yet chic. From 100% cotton slightly looser fitting designs to more shaped, long-sleeved designs, COS creates a variety of differently designed and shaped A-line dresses. Although COS likes to create simple clothing, a selection of colors and prints are available within the A-line dress collection. The most vibrant colors available are blue, yellow and red. Abstract prints also feature on a selection of the A-line dresses by COS. The COS A-line dress selection also features dresses of varying length and you will see every length, from mini to maxi.

  • COS Shirt Dresses

    The design of a shirt dress is sleek and clean-cut – something that COS loves to create. COS design and produce an abundance of beautifully curated shirt dresses. The majority of COS shirt dresses are made from 100% cotton. As a brand, COS only makes its garments with the finest of materials, to ensure that both the finish of the garment is impeccable, and the durability is high. Regardless of which specific shirt dress by COS you choose, it will be high quality, look perfect for every season and will be ideal for any occasion.

  • COS Wool Dresses

    Wool dresses will always feature fashion trends, therefore it’s always a good idea to have one in your closet. However, it’s even better to have a COS wool dress in your closet. COS produce several beautiful and chic wool dresses, with high quality and responsibly sourced wool. There are so many different wool dress designs that everyone will be able to find something that they not only like, but that also complements them and their figure. COS produces a variety of wool dresses, with lengths from mini to maxi and colors from grey to blue and white. COS also produces its wool dresses in many designs and famous cuts, from the playful vest dress design to elegant A-line cuts.  

The COS Dresses Sizing Guide

It can seem confusing what size to order a COS dress in, especially because they work in European sizing and don’t even have a US sizing conversion chart. It can be helpful to look at the UK sizing and then turn it into US sizing. See the below images of both COS’s sizing guide and the UK to US sizing chart.

For example, if you are a US size 6, you will be a US size 8. Therefore, you’ll need to choose a size XS (or EU 34) when purchasing a COS dress.

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US / UK Measurements


How To Care For Your COS Dresses

Every COS dress’s care instructions will be different because there’s a variety of materials used across the collection. The majority of COS dresses will need to either be hand washed or professionally dry cleaned. We recommend never tumble-drying a COS dress, to maintain its quality and sleek finish. Take extra care when washing wool and cotton as dresses made from these materials could shrink if not washed appropriately. 


Is COS a designer brand?

No. Despite using high-quality materials, COS is classified as a high-street brand, and not as a luxury brand.

Will COS clothes last?

COS clothes are made from top quality materials and should therefore last a long time if looked after correctly. 

Does COS create dresses for pregnant women?

COS doesn’t have a specific maternity range. However, they do produce dresses with looser fits that if purchased in a larger size, could be perfect for maternity wear.