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Emma Chapman Jewels
Toyah Blue Enamel Earrings
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Wolf & Badger

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Emma Chapman is an award-winning British designer renowned for her ornate, regal-inspired jewellery that is handmade by local craftsmen and stonecutters in Jaipur, India. Collections draw on age-old engraving, carving and embossing techniques for an authentic, elaborate aesthetic, showcasing fine metals and gemstones across Emma Chapman Jewels earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. For the Emma Chapman Jewels earrings collection, expect to see everything from delicate rose quartz and 24-karat gold studs to glittering drop earrings with tear-shaped turquoise, enamel and aquamarine stones. Hand-carved flowers and sparkling diamond accents lend an elegant eastern feel to these wearable treasures.