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Known for luxurious leather goods and its signature stripe detail, Bally is a high-end label that has been supplying beautiful footwear to the international market since 1851. Founded in Switzerland, this premium brand is constantly researching and experimenting with new designs and efficient processes to ensure its footwear, accessories and ready-to-wear lines are both functional and stylish. In superior exotic leathers, men's Bally wallets are simple, refined and expertly crafted using techniques perfected over many years. Elegant and practical, these cases are the ultimate choice for carrying your essentials on a daily basis.

The Bally Wallets Buying Guide

Illustrious Swiss fashion house Bally, formerly known as Bally & Co, is one of the most important names in the footwear business. But the label’s luxurious leather work doesn’t just end with shoes, and the same craftsmanship and attention to detail is applied to its bags, accessories and small leather goods. The men’s Bally wallets range exudes the same premium feel as the coveted men’s footwear line, offering quality pieces that are designed for practicality and made to last. Use our helpful buying guide below to find out more about Bally wallets. 

The Most Wanted Bally Wallets for Men

  • Bally Bifold Wallets

    For easy ergonomics and convenient everyday commutes, the Bally Bifold Wallets range proves to be a popular choice. Made in quality calfskin leather and featuring multiple card slots and compartments, these wallets are ideal for carrying essentials. 

  • Bally Logo Stripe Card Holders

    There are a selection of card holders to choose from in the Bally Logo Stripe collection. This range features the brand’s iconic triple stripe, either in the popular red and white, black and white, or navy and white. 

  • Bally Tenley Card Case

    A card holder and zip pouch rolled into one, the Bally Tenley Card Case kills two birds with one stone yet remains slim enough for the smallest of pockets. With one zip compartment in the ideal size for cards, coins or folded bills, this case is highly versatile.

How To Care For Your Bally Wallet

All Bally wallets are made from leather. Proper care and attention should be paid to the leather depending on its type to maintain the best condition of your wallet.

The most common types of leather for wallets are calfskin leather and bovine leather. Both need to be handled with care and should be cleaned with a soft cloth. You can also use leather conditioner to polish and protect your wallet from marks or scratches.

To maintain the quality of your product, always store it in a dry place away from direct sunlight or heat. Never have direct contact with fragrances, colognes and other sprays. 


Do men’s Bally wallets come with a dustbag?

All small leather goods from the Bally fashion house come with a branded box and either a dustbag or dust cloth. These can be used for easy storage when your item is not in use.  

Where are Bally wallets made?

Bally is a Swiss brand that is now headquartered in Milan, Italy. The label uses factories in China and is owned by Chinese materials conglomerate Shandong Ruyi.

Are Bally wallets scratch-resistant?

Wallets from this label are made in a variety of leathers so each product line will differ. There are some products from this range that are scratch-resistant, such as the Bally Galiro Wallet and some of the Bally Bifold Wallets. For leather goods that do not scratch easily, choose designs with grained and textured leather instead of smooth leather.