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When it comes to jackets from Pas Normal Studios, Lyst has you covered. Pas Normal Studios takes particular care in sourcing the finest materials for its range of jackets, so expect pieces made from synthetic. Pas Normal Studios is renowned for creating highly wearable, well-made jackets. The label is committed to delivering pieces that are not only expertly crafted, but look good and are fully functional, too. With an array of colours and textures to choose from, there is something to suit every preference. Invest in muted hues for a sophisticated, everyday look, or opt for bolder options to elevate your look. Regular care and maintenance will help keep synthetic in its original condition for longer. Synthetic clothing is an investment, and it pays to care for it properly. We would advise always checking the item’s care label before washing. For quality jackets that surpasses trends and seasons, look no further than Pas Normal Studios. Shop the brand’s latest collection now.

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