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Pendleton Zip Gorge Jacket - Grey
Zip Gorge Jacket - Grey
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Pendleton Jacket - Blue
Jacket - Blue
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Pendleton Coho Jacket - Blue
Coho Jacket - Blue
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Country Attire
Pendleton Brightwood Jacket - Blue
Brightwood Jacket - Blue
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Pendleton is a classic American apparel brand, originating from humble beginnings as a wool mill. Founded in 1909, Pendleton started making Italian blankets inspired by Native American designs. In 1924, the brand started making the famous Pendleton man's wool shirt and five years later they were producing a full collection of menswear. With a legacy of durable workwear and timeless designs, men's Pendleton jackets offer a long-lasting solution to stylish outerwear. Featuring patterned baseball and bomber styles and shirt jackets, this range balances function with fashionable form.

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