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Prada Floral Print Tie - Green
Floral Print Tie - Green
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Prada Wool Tie - Grey
Wool Tie - Grey
Prada Hibiscus Print Tie - Black
Hibiscus Print Tie - Black
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The Prada fashion empire has been building for over a century, ever since two brothers launched the brand in 1913 in Milan. With its elegant aesthetic and focus on high quality luxury, the brand is now one of the most desirable in the fashion world and a label that sits among the most famous fashion names. The brand is a reliable choice for sophisticated style that is also innovative and subtly stand out, whether you're looking for sports jackets, fashion trainers or the perfectly tailored suit. The range of ties from Prada is diverse and each one has a quality look and feel that defines it as beautifully conceived and made. Micro prints, innovative geometric shapes and unusual textures demonstrate just how good the Prada eye for detail really is.